On April 17th Her Grand High Fashionista, Victoria Beckham, will turn 40 years old. Hard to believe for those of us who still remember a 22 year old Victoria wiggling about on stage in her strapless Miss Selfridge (not Gucci, as always reported) dress. Victoria has come a long way since those days, she’s less Spice World, more total world domination.

Victoria Beckham DesignerVictoria Beckham has flourished as a fashion designer

With her husband of 14 years, Victoria has elevated herself from pop star and reality TV personality, to high fashion designer with a host of Hollywood pals. Since the early Noughties when Victoria launched her own solo career (we all want to forget ‘Out of Your Mind’, her collaboration with Dane Bowers) to her most recent catwalk shows, the Beckham we see before us on the eve of her 40th birthday is barely recognisable to girl we first got to know as Posh Spice.

Although none of Victoria’s career ventures can be described as unsuccessful, most of her success over the past decade can be attributed to her fashion collections. Starting up her own label in 2008, which debuted at New York Fashion Week, Victoria has gone from strength to strength as a designer. Described as “impressive” and “accomplished”, her designs have been met by praise and the mum-of-four seems to feel that she has finally found her place in the world. VB gushed, “I always dreaming of doing this. I wanted to do it when the time was right, I was very focused. It’s not just me doing this, I have a great set of people around me. I was nervous. It wasn’t about me, the celebrity, it was about the product.”

Victoria has been equally as successful in her personal life. Married to one of the most handsome men in the world, with four beautiful children, the youngest of which she welcomed in 2011, we can’t imagine that Mrs. Beckham will be dissatisfied with the life she has built for herself as she turns 40.

Victoria Beckham Eva LongoriaVictoria's best pal, Eva Longoria, is said to be planning her LA party

It’s rumoured that for one of her two birthday parties (one in London, one in LA) she’ll be throwing a horse themed bash to celebrate. Victoria allegedly took up horse riding a couple of years ago and is smitten with the sport. She’s said to be taking a group of her gal pals riding in the Los Angeles hills, followed by a party which is said to have been planned by her best friend, Eva Longoria. We can’t wait to find out who else will be on the guest list!

Wishing Victoria Beckham a very happy 40th birthday, and many more to come.

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Watch Victoria Beckham arriving at LAX with a tonne of luggage: