Victoria Beckham doesn't want to return to Los Angeles.

The former Spice Girls singer wants to stay in London for the sake of her career, but her husband David and their kids, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10 and Harper, four, are keen to return to the US because they haven't readjusted to life in the UK since returning two years ago.

A close friend said: ''David prefers life in LA. But Posh is London through and through.''

Victoria has opened up a shop in the English capital since returning and now feels like her roots are in the city, despite what her family think.

The source claimed David is having a hard time trying to convince Victoria that it's not only him who is longing to go back .

However, until they convince Victoria to move back, David and the kids have been flying back and forth to LA with every chance they get, the source told US! OK magazine.

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old designer is apparently the only member of the Spice Girls who hasn't signed on for the band's 20th anniversary reunion tour.

A source said: ''Victoria wishes the girls the best of luck.

''She is far too busy running her fashion brand and looking after her family to get back on a stage.

''She also feels that they left the stage on an amazing high with their Olympics performance and worries a reunion could tarnish their legacy.''