Victoria Beckham loves tequila.

The 41-year-old fashion designer has a ''new'' passion for indulging in the alcoholic drink so her retired soccer player husband David Beckham brought her home a bottle when he recently shot promo film 'Outlaws' in Mexico City.

He said: ''She (Victoria) loves it (tequila), which is a very new thing. I think everyone's had their moment on tequila over the years, but when you get older you appreciate it a bit more.''

David - who has four children, Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10, and Harper, four, with Victoria - also insisted he is better at packing for trips than his wife because he is always organised and well prepared.

He told Conde Nast Traveller magazine: ''I'm one of the best packers you will probably ever meet.

''I'm obsessed with being ready and having everything in place. I'm very well prepared for any trip that's coming up.

''I have friends that take the mickey out of me for it, and my wife is a last-minute packer and nowhere near as organised as me.''

And when he has to go jetting round the globe, the ''particular'' hunk insists on taking his favourite candles with him.

He said: ''I do like a candle, I must admit, which I know is a bit... you know, particular. I'm a fan of Jo Malone and Diptyque. My favourite is Jasmin Diptyque.''