Victoria Beckham won't eat on airplanes.

The svelte star insists on taking strict measures to maintain her slender frame and shuns the food offered to her when flying first class on her frequent trips abroad.

Victoria's nutritionist Monica Grenfell said: "Victoria's always been a teeny little thing. She seems into her diet in a big way. Whenever we chat, she always asks me what she should and shouldn't be eating. She's very Audrey Hepburn looking, slim and neat. She's strict with herself.

"When she goes on business lunches she'll choose white fish and she'll often pick at things rather than have big sit down meals.

"When we talked about the 11-hour flight to Los Angeles, Victoria told me she's not that keen on eating on the plane. She prefers to catch up on her sleep and reenergise."

While Monica insists the former Spice Girls star - whose favourite snacks are bananas, Brazil nuts and carrots - is healthy, friends are growing increasingly worried about her frail frame.

Her pal Taylor Clyne said: "She's a gorgeous woman and such a talent, but to me she doesn't look as healthy as she could.

"I am worried she might be finding things difficult after the last few weeks."