Victoria Beckham has created a Pride tee with the Spice Girls.

The 47-year-old singer - who rose to fame with the pop group in the 1990s but declined to be part of the last reunion in 2019 - has collaborated with the 90s girl group to release a limited edition 'Wannabe' T-shirt to help raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust, which works to combat LGBTQ+ youth homelessness in the UK.

In a statement, she said: "Pride to me is a celebration of being completely yourself and this year’s T-Shirt is a reminder of that. The Spice Girls really championed accepting yourself and others, being kind, having fun and just living your best life! The LGBTQ+ community is so close to my heart and I’m so proud to be supporting Pride 2021 with A.K.T. again this year."

As well as the special 'Wannabe' t-shirt, the singer has released a leather pouch embellished with 'Proud and Wannabe Your Lover'.

It comes after Victoria - whose alter ego Posh Spice was known for her short bobs and little black dresses in the girl group - recently looked back fondly at the 'Viva Forever' hitmakers' clothing and make-up choices because they always wore whatever they wanted and created new trends rather than followed them.

She said: "I look at us all, and it makes me smile because we didn't care. Whether it was fashion or beauty, we didn't care. We wore what made us feel good. We weren't worried, 'Is this the newest, coolest?' We set trends because there was no fear."

The chart-toppers were known for wearing platforms, bold prints, suit jackets with a flash of bra on display, camouflage and more.

And they were all about inspiring their fans to embrace their individuality. Victoria added: "It's okay to be different. Let's not try and change who we are. Let's celebrate who we are. Let's celebrate the fact that we're all different."