She may be the head of a fashion empire she’s spent over a decade building up, but Victoria Beckham has revealed that she hasn’t always had such an innate sense of style, opening up about some of her past fashion disasters in a new interview.

The 42 year old former Spice Girl and mother of four spoke to The Edit this week about how she came to start in the fashion industry, and revealed some rather epic fashion fails in the process – including the time she went to Disneyland in Louboutins.

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham revealed some of her fashion fails

“At some point I thought it was OK to wear a PVC cat suit,” she admitted. “When I was pregnant with Romeo, I walked around Disneyland in Christian Louboutin heels, literally at nine months’ pregnant!”

However, Victoria quickly came to look at these less fortunate wardrobe incidents as like a learning curve, and realises it was better to make them early on in her career.

“I have made so many fashion mistakes but I actually don’t look at them as mistakes. I celebrate those things, I laugh occasionally but I’m not ashamed of any of that.

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“I have worked with the best makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists, and I’ve learned so much. I haven’t always got it right, but when I’ve got it wrong, I’ve actually learned an enormous amount from that, too. And I want to share everything I know.”

Her latest project is a range with Estee Lauder, aimed at making women feel prepared to have their picture taken at any time.

“I’d be getting on a plane from London, then 11 hours later, getting up, walking out of the airport terminal and being bombarded by so many paparazzi, so I wanted something that I could put on to make me look fresh,” she explained.

“That was my starting point, actually; when I began working with Estee Lauder, I said I really want to create a product that does exactly that. And the thing is, everybody is in that position now, because everyone has a camera phone. Even if you’re not being chased by paparazzi, there will be someone doing selfies, so everybody has to be camera-ready all the time. Whoever you are, everybody has to be ready now!”

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