It might seem sacrilegious to some, but Victoria Beckham wasn't about to spoil her diet with cake during her birthday celebrations this week, and instead opted for a fruit 'cake' made entirely of melon, strawberries and blueberries. But her strict health regime doesn't end there by any means.

Victoria Beckham at Eva Longoria's Hollywood Star ceremonyVictoria Beckham at Eva Longoria's Hollywood Star ceremony

That's the life of a fashion magnate; fruit over chocolate, and indeed finding two hours within your busy day to do an intense work-out. The 44-year-old has never been in better shape, but the effort she puts into keeping active and clean seems extraordinary to most.

'I work out every day, it's the time when I get to think. I put on loud music and I dance', she told Grazia. 'I get up, do half my workout, take the kids to school in my workout gear, then go back and finish off my workout before I go to work.'

'It's two hours a day when I turn off the phone and I focus on me and clear my mind at the same time', she continued. 'I use the time to get inspired and get my head ready for the day.'

It's not just dancing that keeps Victoria so fit though, she's also a big fan of running. 'I go for a three mile run every morning and I work out for an hour with a personal trainer, which gives me just enough time to get to the kitchen to puree Romeo's avocados', she said.

Speaking of health food, sources even made a sensational claim that Victoria contacted a luxury resort in the Maldives where the family were set visit on vacation, and asked the Japanese restaurant Feeling Koi to create a tailor-made menu for her.

'The staff at Koi were contacted in advance to make sure they had all the ingredients for what she would want to eat each day during her stay with us', the source told the Sun. 'Her menu was mostly seafood - Maldivian yellow fun tuna, Australian king fish, tea smoked salmon and a lot of sashimi. To go with her meals, she wanted a very simple salad which is mainly white radishes and lettuce with lemon juice, and toasted edamame beans.'

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Anyone else now feel extremely guilty about that pizza last night?