A new fashion brand is being launched for inspirational women.

Businesswoman Rachel Lowe is behind She Who Dares - which sells a range of handbags, jewellery and perfume - and she says its aim is to offer customers great gift ideas for women they look up to and admire.

So it could be Olympic champions such as Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Ennis, or a mother who's been there no matter what or a friend who's just completed something to be proud of.

She said: ''Whether she has won an Olympic gold medal, graduated from university or is simply an amazing mother, our gifts are for anyone customers want to honour. They are gifts that say 'I believe in you.'

''The brand message is simple yet emotive: never give up, nothing is impossible.''

The premium accessories brand made its debut at Pure London in August, impressing with boutique-friendly, which included a leather handbag, a Swarovski-encrusted clutch

and pendant as well as an elegant fragrance, which are all emblazoned with the brand's rose design.

To learn more, go to www.SWDfashion.com.