If you ever wondered what the girls of Victoria's Secret got up to when they reunite ahead of their annual fashion show, a new clip from Adriana Lima's secret Shanghai slumber party will answer all your questions. The show's 15th anniversary was special one, and it's safe to say these Angels were the ones who made it so.

Adriana Lima at a Victoria's Secret eventAdriana Lima at a Victoria's Secret event

In a new video released by Vogue magazine, we see VS Angels Candice Swanepoel, Taylor Hill and Stella Maxwell getting over-excited in their Shanghai hotel room and they ultimately decide to crash Adriana Lima's room. 

They then decide to do impressions of Adriana's runway walk in the hotel corridor, but when it's Adriana's turn to show them how it's done, she promptly gets a telling off from a disgruntled neighbour who was clearly displeased that a group of giggling beauties were disturbing his own beauty sleep.

After that, it's time to wind down with a hot drink, a spot of group meditation and a little go on the hotel room's piano. Now that's a sleepover we can get behind. Minus the grumpy neighbours.

Another look into the backstage events of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was presented by Karlie Kloss in her latest vlog. From their journey to the Mercedes-Benz Arena, she documents their glamorous arrival. After a 12-hour flight to China, they're ready to get back into those make-up chairs for the ultimate VS makeover. 

It's every bit as luxurious as you'd expect, with pink dressing gowns all over the place, boards with all the evening's outfits on it and some of the world's most elegant bras on display wherever you look. 

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Karlie has also been documenting her work-out and skincare routine in the run up to the show. As exciting as it all sounds, it was a bitter sweet night for many of the Angels as they said a final farewell to one of the longest serving Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio, who recently announced that she was retiring from the brand after 17 years.