Vin Diesel wants you to know that he hasn’t stopped missing co-star and friend Paul Walker. This time, the Furious 7 actor talked to the Italian news outlet Fanpage. The conversation was pretty light, with Vin joking about his limited singing ability, but things got a little emotional when he sang See You Again from the Furious 7 soundtrack.

Vin Diesel
At the end of the franchise, Diesel  struggled to pull through. 

So naturally, after that, the conversation turned to the topic of filming after Walker’s death in November of 2013.

When asked how Pahe got back to work after the tragegy, Diesel said: “Oh my god, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I felt like, like it was unfair to ask us to go back to work in some ways.”

“From an actor’s point of view, it was even harder,” he continued. “How do you pretend that somebody is in a scene with you, when on the inside you’re mourning and suffering because of that loss?”

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See the actor describing his on-set breakdown in the video below.

“I didn’t know a human could produce so many tears,” he said. “And I remember feeling really self-conscious about it, I remember feeling like “Come on, Vin, you’ve been acting for forty years. How could you not pull it together to act right now?””


If you feel like saying goodbye to the franchise, it’s still not too late to catch Furious 7 in theatres.