Country music star Vince Gill is boasting a slim new physique - to reignite the passion with his gospel-singing wife AMY GRANT.

The singer has gone from 240 pounds to a trimmer 210 pounds - and the passion in their three-year marriage has exploded again.

A friend tells American tabloid the STAR, "Vince says their love life improved considerably after he dropped the flab.

"He told me, 'Amy doesn't want to go to bed with some fat guy not too many women do.' He's crazy in love with her and decided to something about it."

The 45-year-old musician was a huge sex symbol when he first shot to fame in the late 1980s.

The pal says, "They always marketed Vince as this hunk, but he really hates that. So it didn't matter to him when he packed on the pounds. But Amy started dropping hints. She'd say stuff like, 'Vince, I can barely get my arms around you!'"

The friend adds, "We tease Vince that he went on the Amy Diet. He did it for her, there's no question about it."