Before the kickoff of Breaking Bad’s final season, creator Vince Gilligan paid a visit Sunday night to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition, “From Mr. Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s Transformation in 'Breaking Bad.' He also sat down for a chat with Charlie Rose, during which the newsman accidentally spilled the beans on a BB season finale detail, which, while it isn’t all that revealing, still counts as a spoiler – especially on a show that guards its secrets this closely. Though, to be fair, the rest of the chat was much more interesting, as Gillian discussed the challenges of writing a protagonist, going through such a dramatic change, or Breaking Bad’s ultimately numbered days.

Vince Gilligan, Sony Lot
Gilligan recently celebrated the finale along with the BB cast.

“ ‘Breaking Bad’ was always much more of a finite construct,” he said. “Most TV shows are designed by their nature to be open-ended, to be indefinite, to go on forever. It’s hard to get a TV show going, and once you get it going, you don’t want it to end and I didn’t want ‘Breaking Bad’ to end. But I knew creatively when your self-imposed franchise, as was the case in ‘Breaking Bad,’ is to take your protagonist and turn him into your antagonist, that is a continuum you’ve just ascribed for yourself, and there’s only so bad that bad could be. By its very nature this is something that has a limited shelf life.”

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Sony Lot
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will return this autumn for a last hurrah.

He also discussed the ending – in as much detail as the rule of secrecy allowed, which is really none at all – repeating once again what most fans already know – it will be a neat ending, with all the loose ends tied up. And if you don’t want to get spoiled you might want to skip ahead now. During the chat Rose also dropped quite a massive hint about an upcoming plot twist.

That’s when Rose spilled the beans. “Speaking of that, who in the world gave you the idea to include me in the next-to-last episode?” “Well, uh, that’s a bit of a spoiler there,” said Gilligan, sounding ever so slightly irritated.

So does that mean that Rose will play a key part? Or is it just a minor detail along the way? In any case, it sounds like the final eight episode will be worth the weight.

Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan, Aaron Paul, Sony Lot
There has been talk of a possible spinoff, but no official announcement as of yet.