The Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has appealed to fans to stop throwing pizza on the roof of the house used as Walter White's residence in the classic AMC show. The woman who owns the house is not happy because fans keep tossing pizzas, inspired by the famous scene in the season three episode Caballo Sin Nombre.

Breaking BadVince Gilligan has appealed to fans to stop throwing pizza at Walter White's house

Gilligan used the latest episode of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast to make the appeal, saying the woman and her husband who own the house in Albuquerque are used to fans to taking pictures - and are fine with that - but that some obsessives are going overboard.

"There is nothing original, or funny, or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof," Gilligan said. "It's been done before - you're not the first."

Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks added, "And if I catch you doing it, I will hunt you down."

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Fans of the meth-drama are notoriously die-hard in their appreciation and in 2013 a group of fans took out an obituary for Walter White in the Albuquerque Journal to mourn the loss of the science teacher turned drug kingpin, played by Bryan Cranston. 

The first season of Better Call Saul - the Breaking Bad spin-off - premiered last month to positive reviews.

"The first two episodes reveal a show that will benefit greatly from the time and space to develop story arcs, and to exhibit the same cinematic grandeur that distinguished "Breaking Bad." The pace is a bit quicker, there's more obvious humor. But the level of ambition is very much the same," said the Wall Street Journal.

"Just as Gilligan routinely did with "Breaking Bad," the first episode ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, and another pleasant surprise. It'll make you wish 9 p.m. Monday comes quickly," wrote Jeff Korbelik of the Lincoln Journal Star.

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