With the end in sight, and Sunday nights looking even more empty and as pointless as they did in June 2007 when The Sopranos came to an end, it looks as though there may be a light shining at the end of this TV-shaped tunnel, because Breaking Bad-creator Vince Gilligan has already been handed the reins for an all-new series.

Vince GilliganDavid Shore
Gilligan (L) and House creator David Shore (R) are working closely for Battle Creek

A project that Gilligan and CBS have had in the pipeline since 2002, Battle Creek is a crime drama centring on two very different detectives who work together in the two-bit Battle Creek, Michigan, struggling to work with the limited supplies handed to them. As they attempt to clean up the (relatively) mean streets of Battle Creek, they are posed with the conundrum; can you effectively fight crime with deception and trickery, or does it take trust and an endless supply of resources to keep the streets clean. The Hollywood Reporter first confirmed the new series.

Gilligan could be in line to direct the show, having expressed interest in the prospect, and will serve as a writer and executive producer for the show. House creator David Shore meanwhile will be serving as the series' showrunner and will serve as an executive producer and writer alongside Gilligan. Breaking Bad executive producer Mark Johnson will also be given an EP credit for the show. According to THR, the Battle Creek has been given an initial run of 13 episodes.

With Breaking Bad's fifth and final season coming to an end this Sunday (29 Sept.), Gilligan has already been hard at work with his next projects. Between getting Battle Crew commissioned and winning an Emmy Award for Best Drama Series last weekend, Gilligan has also begun working alongside his fellow BB writer Peter Gould for the series spin-off Better Call Saul. The new spin-off series will centre on Bill Odenkirk's smarmy lawyer character from the critically-acclaimed show, and will air on AMC in 2014.

Breaking Bad
Sadlly, all good things must come to an end