Having created the most popular, talked about and possibly best TV show of a generation, Vince Gilligan’s presence behind the scenes is highly sought after, making CBS’s acquisition of him and his new show all the more special.

Breaking Bad castVince Gilligan brought this eclectic cast to life with Breaking Bad.

Gilligan actually wrote the pilot for the new show – a cop drama called Battle Creek - before Breaking Bad, but he probably won’t need it, or can turn it into the first episode, as his order is of the straight-to-series kind. CBS will produce 13 episodes of the brand new series.

This is the second signature Gilligan has put down with regards to new programming. He and Sony confirmed a spin-off of his immensely popular Breaking Bad – Better call Saul. Peter Gould, the writer who created the cult hero, will also be involved.

“In the Hollywood development community, Vince is the hottest name in the business,” said Zack Van Amburg, the president of programming for Sony. "If I went somewhere with the phone book with Vince’s name on it, I could sell it." (IGN)

Aaron Paul and Bryan CranstonAaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are Jesse and Walter in Breaking Bad.

David Shore, the creator and producer of FOX's House, will act as the series showrunner, with Gilligan re-writing and directing the first episode.

The news comes in the final week of Breaking Bad. The Critically acclaimed meth drama – partially responsible for putting AMC on the map, alongside The Walking Dead and Mad Men – culminates in what can only be a monumental crescendo this Sunday. With many people preparing for BB withdrawal symptoms, Saul spin offs, Gilligan shows and of course, HBO’s True Detective will be the only thing keeping TV addicts sane.