'Breaking Bad' is without a doubt one of the most popular television shows of recent memory. Despite its success however, creator Vince Gilligan decided that the story would be coming to an end after five seasons, taking Bryan Cranston's character Walter White away from the small screen for good. It was a disappointing time for fans, but the majority of viewers were impressed by the ending that came at the narrative's conclusion.

Vince Gilligan chose to end 'Breaking Bad' after 5 seasonsVince Gilligan chose to end 'Breaking Bad' after 5 seasons

Telling a story unlike any we'd seen on television before, a roster of compelling characters who we would love in one moment and love to hate the next would make their presence felt, cementing themselves in the history of pop culture. Gilligan had scored the jackpot with his show, and it's something he's trying to recapture with spin-off series 'Better Call Saul', featuring fan-favourite character Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

Four seasons in, the show may not be quite as successful as its predecessor, but it's doing an incredible job of maintaining interest with its fan base. Just how long it can go on for remains to be seen, but we wouldn't be surprised if Gilligan decided to wrap things up before too long.

Speaking with various members of the press, Gilligan explained why he chose to close 'Breaking Bad' after five seasons (via Digital Spy): "I was very anxious about the idea of folks suddenly moving on, and saying, ‘Is that show still on the air? I used to watch it. It used to be good.’ I’d wanted folks rather to say, ‘Don’t end it now!’ That’s what I wanted, and that’s what we got, thank goodness. So it was me as much as anybody who said, ‘I want to leave the stage at a high point, and not go past the high point.'"

It's fair to say that there have been plenty of shows in the past that have gone on too long and jumped the shark. Gilligan refusing to do that with 'Breaking Bad' is probably one of the best decisions of his career. There's not a single season of the show that was deemed massively lesser in quality than the others, and that's likely down to it only being five seasons long. Though we miss 'Breaking Bad', we'd rather rewatch the great years than have some terrible ones thrown into the mix.

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