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Vince Vaughn's Fatherhood Worry

Vince Vaughn is terrified of having children.The 'Couples Retreat' actor, who is engaged to estate agent Kyla Weber, struggles to bond with babies as they can't express their feelings.He said: "Am I prepared for fatherhood?...

Jennifer Aniston Enjoys Miami Break With John Mayer

Jennifer Aniston and her reported new beau have been enjoying the summer weather together in Miami.Pictures show the couple relaxing at the pool of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, with Aniston looking stunning in a skimpy...

By on 11 May 2008

Vaughn Is 'Still Great Pals' With Aniston

VINCE VAUGHN is still great friends with ex-girlfriend JENNIFER ANISTON - and talks to her constantly. The couple - who appeared together in 2006's The Break Up - ended their year-and-a-half long relationship in December...

Vaughn: 'At 16 I Still Believed In Santa'

Funnyman VINCE VAUGHN pretended to believe in Santa into his late-teens - for fear of missing out on Christmas presents. The Wedding Crashers star, 37, who plays Santa's brother Fred in new film Fred Claus,...

Aniston's Father Suffers Heart Attack - Report

JENNIFER ANISTON's actor father JOHN has reportedly suffered a heart attack. American publication Life + Style reports in its new issue that the actress heard the news about her father's health crisis last Friday (18AUG06)... Movie Review 2005

By Graham Smith and Ian Garland The lifestyles of the rich and famous continued to enthrall entertainment news fans across the globe throughout 2005. Whether reporting on the latest romantic wrangle between a celebrity couple, or...

Vaughn Mortified By Mother's Pet Names

WEDDING CRASHERS star VINCE VAUGHN was humiliated growing up, because his mother insisted on giving everyone in the family names with the initials VV - including their pets. As she began to run out of...

Vaughn: 'I'm Not Dating Seriously'

Hollywood funnyman VINCE VAUGHN insists his relationship with JENNIFER ANISTON is not serious. The DODGEBALL star reportedly took former FRIENDS star Aniston to meet his parents in Chicago, Illinois, last month (OCT05) - and...

Vaughn Grateful For Learning Disabilities

Movie funnyman VINCE VAUGHN credits his learning disabilities with making him a film star - because they forced him to work harder than his peers. The DODGEBALL star suffered chronic dyslexia and attention deficit...

Vaughn Glad His Dad Said No To Dyslexia Drugs

Dyslexic SWINGERS star VINCE VAUGHN is grateful his father snubbed offers to pump him full of prescription drugs when he was a kid because he would have become a "zoned-out zombie". The actor plays...

Rockwell Thanks Ex For Hitchhiker's Success

Actor SAM ROCKWELL credits his ex-girlfriend, actress GINA BELLMAN with being the brains behind his portrayal of alien ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX in his latest movie THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. Rockwell separated from Bellman...

Vaughn Quits Smoking

DODGEBALL star VINCE VAUGHN has just quit smoking, years after picking up the habit to be more "authentic" in his movie roles. The Hollywood actor suddenly gave up his nicotine habit five weeks ago,...

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