Vince Vaughn stars and writes the new comedy The Internship, bringing in the often used help of Owen Wilson to co-star and co-writer Jared Stern (Wreck-It Ralph,The Watch) with him for buddy comedy. Bringing in the help of fellow light-hearted comedy veteran Shawn Levy (Night At The Museum) to direct, the film finds two recently unemployed, down on their luck average Joe's (Vaughn and Wilson), whose lives it seems have been made redundant by the digital age. Some how though (it's a movie) the pair manage to talk their way into a job a Google each; and soon realise how out of their depth they are. Don't worry though, because with their infinite wisdom of partying, the boys soon make friends.

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Sounds like quite the tried and tested formula right? Two fishes find themselves in the big pond out of sheer luck and inexplainability, where their social/drinking skills help them integrate into their new surroundings by making them more like the ones they're already familiar with. The formula has worked countless times on the past and on paper it sounds like it could be ok, but the critical reception seems to indicate something else...

Basically, it's been slated by critics, garnering comments like; "A movie so desperately unfunny it makes you want to slit your wrists" (Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice), "A big bowl of unflavored gelatin" (Alonso Duralde, What the Flick?!) and probably the best one of all, courtesy of humorists The Onion, who said that the film was "poised to be the biggest comedy of 2005."

That's not all either, as the overall response to the new comedy has been almost-entirely negative, with the film currently sitting on a disappointing 33% on comment aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The critics main beef with the film is simple too; they just don't find it funny.

It's not all bad for the film, some people seemed to like it at least, but if you're only after a comedy movie that offers "some big-hearted good will and affable chemistry" (Dann Gire, Daily Herald) and "a movie that skates by on the sheer likability of its stars [but] there are genuine laughs" (Cynthia Dickison, Minneapolis Star Tribune) then this might just be the film for you.

The Internship is out June 7 in the US and July 4 in the UK.

Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson Internship
The pair have boast-loads of on-screen chemistry, but the film doesn't have much else

Vince Vaughn Owen Wilson The Internship
Not fit for today's audiences?