This is how internships go: you slog away unpaid for a few weeks until, hopefully, the boss turns around and hands you a contract. The Internship slogs away for a couple hours and no one’s offering Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a salary.

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The critics haven’t taken kindly to the comedy pair’s attempt to shed light on the modern phenomenon that is an internship. This is a shame, as it’s a story that needs telling. Thousands of hungry job-seekers turn to internships – an attempt to wow a company by literally working for free – to secure full time employment. “The polar opposite of The Social Network, say RedEye in their review, “depicting innovation and intelligence as if they're merely the fruits of ideas burped out by an aging slacker who doesn't know when to shut up.” USA Today joked: “Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson may be the worst interns since Monica Lewinsky,” while The New York Post say, “Director Shawn Levy's work has, as always, all the edge of a tub of margarine - he's the guy who did "Night at the Museum." And "The Internship" has the air of a promotional video for Google.”

Vince VaughnOwen Wilson
Vince and Owen at the premiere of The Internship in New York

An overall score of, wait for it… 27% (ouch) on Rotten Tomatoes almost certainly plops The Internship into the dud pile. Star names and having an insight into Google’s offices might draw in a crowd for opening weekend, but ultimately, we’d suggest to steer clear.

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The InternshipThe Intership premiere - Wilson and Vaugh hang out with director, Levy