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3rd November 2016

Quote: "I was gonna go to the game, but I knew I had to be here early and I didn't know if I could get back in time, but I ended up staying up just as late anyway. It was exciting! I watched it with (actors) Mel (Gibson), Luke Bracey... we all just kind of watched it together. It was unbelievable, you couldn't ask for a more dramatic game than that!" Vince Vaughn celebrated his hometown Chicago Cubs' World Series baseball win on Wednesday night (02Nov16) in New York, where he is currently promoting his new Mel Gibson war movie, Hacksaw Ridge. The Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians to clinch the Major League Baseball title.

11th September 2016

Fact: Actor Vince Vaughn stunned onlookers in New York on Thursday (08Sep16) when he showed off his new bald head. The Wedding Crashers star has shaved off his brunette locks for his upcoming role in prison thriller Brawl in Cell Block 99, reports Entertainment Tonight.

3rd November 2015

Fact: Actor Forest Whitaker has signed up to play a very different African figure from the dictator Idi Amin, who he portrayed in the film The Last King of Scotland. According to Variety, Whitaker will star as Archbishop Desmond Tutu in The Archbishop and the Antichrist, a fictionalised account of the anti-apartheid clergyman's meetings with a racist mass murderer, who will be played by Vince Vaughn.

19th June 2015

Quote: "My sister's name is Valerie, my other sister's name is Victoria... My mum was a little obsessed... but when the pets start having 'V' names; when the dogs (are) named Viking and Vladimir... it's not a cool experience." Actor Vince Vaughn reveals his mum Sharon gave all of her kids and pets names beginning with the letter 'V'.

6th March 2015

Quote: "They were very nice. I really liked both of them." Actor Vince Vaughn was thrilled to meet Lady Gaga and her new fiance Taylor Kinney at the annual Polar Plunge in his native Chicago, Illinois. The celebrity trio joined thousands of people who braved the freezing conditions to take an icy dip in Lake Michigan for charity. The event even hit a new record, raising $1.2 million (£750,000) for the Special Olympics.

5th March 2015

Quote: "This for me is pretty good penmanship... If the teacher was gonna look at it, I'd turn that in with a big smile on my face." Vince Vaughn is proud of his name signing efforts in cement on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The actor left his hand and footprints in the wet pavement outside tourist attraction the Chinese Theatre on Wednesday (04Mar15).

5th March 2015

Fact: Vince Vaughn's hand and footprint ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday (04Mar15) was a big family celebration as it fell on the same day as his mother's birthday.

10th February 2015

Quote: "I rent the land to a farmer. My grandfather was a dairy farmer. My wife is from a farm in Canada... From a real estate point of view, I think farmland makes sense. It's something I like because I figure we'll need it for years to come." Vince Vaughn on the farmland he has acquired in rural Illinois.

27th August 2014

Fact: Actor Vince Vaughn has bought newlyweds Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish's former Hollywood Hills home for $2.4 million (£1.4 million), after they put the three-bedroom house on the market in April (14).

9th March 2014

Fact: Actor Vince Vaughn is launching his own comedy festival in Nashville, Tennessee. The Wedding Crashers star has recruited the likes of Aziz Ansari, Rodney Carrington and Dennis Miller to join him at the inaugural Wild West Comedy Festival from 15 to 18 May (14).

4th June 2013

Quote: "I saw that 60 Minutes (news) special and it was crazy to me. It was like an all-inclusive resort! They don't charge you for food, they have volleyball, they have nap pods, and people play that game Quidditch, like, as a sport from Harry Potter... There was a lot of enthusiasm for that so I thought that was a fun backdrop, and also that's where a lot of opportunity is right now." Vince Vaughn decided to base his new comedy, THE INTERNSHIP, at the Google headquarters in California after becoming fascinated by a U.S. Tv news special on the company.

4th June 2013

Quote: "Our kids are literally about the same age, so it was fun for us to swap pictures and stories." Vince Vaughn enjoyed experiencing the highs and lows of fatherhood at the same time as his comedy pal Owen Wilson while shooting new film The Internship.

30th April 2013

Quote: "My wife's Canadian, so I have the most polite child ever... She's an angel among angels. She's fun to be around." Vince Vaughn is madly in love with his two-year-old daughter Lochlyn.

9th April 2013

Fact: Wedding Crashers stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are to be honoured with the Comedy Duo of the Year award at this month's (Apr13) CinemaCon industry convention in Las Vegas. The pals, who have reteamed for new comedy The Internship, will join Morgan Freeman, Melissa MCCarthy, Aubrey Plaza, True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld, Chris Pine, Armie Hammer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford among those being honoured at the annual theatre owners get together, which begins on 15 April (13).

7th April 2013

Fact: Reese Witherspoon's former leading men Robert Pattinson, Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix joined forces for a boys' night out in Los Angeles on Friday (05Apr13). The unlikely pals, who have all starred opposite the actress in recent years, were snapped leaving the Larchmont Restaurant with a few other friends after enjoying dinner together.

4th April 2013

Fact: Nicole Kidman, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have landed secret, uncredited cameo roles in Will Ferrell's Anchorman sequel.

2nd December 2011

Fact: Actor Vince Vaughn is helping his mother promote her new stress-busting yoga book Breakthrough by joining her on her media tour. Mother and son appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show together on Thursday (01Dec11) and the Wedding Crashers star joined the host and his mum for a series of yoga poses.

14th January 2011

Quote: "I met the best girl in the world. It gives you such a great purpose in your life... so I'm very, very happy." Vince Vaughn is very happily married to his wife Kyla Weber.

3rd February 2010

Quote: "There's a big voice in that big body, and I think it's really brave of him, as an actor, to be in a room with all singers and belt it out that way." Josh Groban was pleasantly surprised to hear Vince Vaughn's singing voice during the all-star WE ARE THE WORLD re-recording in Los Angeles on Monday night (01Feb10).

22nd October 2009

Quote: "Get him around sharks and he gets a little nervous!" Actress Malin Akerman reveals her COUPLES RETREAT co-star Vince Vaughn's secret fear.

19th October 2009

Fact: Vince Vaughn's mum was so taken with her husband Vernon's name, she decided to give all family members the V.V. initials. Vince has sisters called Victoria and Valerie, and even the family pet dog is part of the tradition - he's called Vladimir.

18th October 2009

Quote: "You do start to get a complex. You can never have shoes on and they kind of dig things for you to stand in. They sometimes put the ladies on boxes and you find a way around your height." Funnyman Vince Vaughn admits standing six foot five inch (two metres)- tall has always been a problem for him in Hollywood.

13th October 2009

Quote: "We had talked about it and I knew we were both kind of in agreeance (sic) with it... So Valentine's Day rolled around and I figured, 'This is not a ship to be missed - because I will not forget this day.'" Vince Vaughn on proposing to his fiancee Kyla Weber.

9th October 2009

Fact: Vince Vaughn met his fiancee at a pal's nuptials. The Wedding Crashers star proposed to KYLA WEBBER on Valentine's Day (14Feb09).

9th October 2009

Quote: "I'm not nervous about the big day because I haven't planned a big day." Vince Vaughn wants to keep his marriage to KYLA WEBBER low-key.

12th August 2009

Fact: FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF star Matthew Broderick and Vince Vaughn were among mourners at the private funeral of film writer/director John Hughes in Lake Forest, Illinois on Tuesday (11Aug09). The beloved filmmaker died from a heart attack on Thursday (06Aug09). He was 59.

10th June 2009

Fact: Actor Justin Long celebrated his birthday in style last week (ends05Jun09) with his famous pals Scarlett Johansson, Vince Vaughn and his on/off girlfriend Drew Barrymore. The DIE HARD 4 star turned 31 on 2 June (09).

14th October 2008

Quote: "I would laugh so hard it would ruin the take, and I was afraid I was going to pee on myself." Actress Reese Witherspoon on working with funnyman Vince Vaughn on the set of their forthcoming film FOUR CHRISTMASES.

9th October 2008

Quote: "Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. And Johnny Depp as the lead singer. If you look up sexy in the dictionary, it's just him." PUSSYCAT DOLL NICOLE SCHERZINGER nominates members for a male version of the raunchy band.

13th February 2008

Quote: "Yeah I would, I definitely would. She's great! I think the world of Jen. She's a great actress, so you never know." Actor Vince Vaughn would jump at the chance to star alongside former flame Jennifer Aniston, despite their failed relationship in 2006.

13th February 2008

Quote: "The top of my head hits his armpit, so I drag my apple box around... and stand on it." Reese Witherspoon on filming romantic scenes with tall actor Vince Vaughn in new comedy FOUR CHRISTMASES.

24th December 2007

Quote: "As a kid, Christmas is fun because you want toys. Then when you get socks or shirts, you kind of don't want those. As you get older that is all you get." Vince Vaughn doesn't find Christmas so exciting now he's all grown up.

14th November 2007

Fact: Oscar winners Robert Duvall and Reese Witherspoon are set to team up for a new festive film. FOUR CHRISTMASES will also star Vince Vaughn, who is tasting success with his first yuletide film, FRED CLAUS.

9th November 2007

Fact: Movie star Vince Vaughn will get the chance to interview Santa Claus when he co-hosts U.S. morning show LIVE WITH REGIS + KELLY on Friday (09Nov07). The Wedding Crashers funnyman's first interviewee on the show will be his Fred Claus co-star Paul Giamatti, who plays Father Christmas in the festive comedy.

7th November 2007

Quote: "Nothing screams Christmas more than California bush fire." Actor Vince Vaughn's thoughts on the fires that devastated Malibu, California last month (Oct07).

18th October 2006

Fact: Real-life couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn's romantic comedy THE BREAK-UP is officially a hit - the film has passed the $200 million (GBP111 million) mark worldwide.

22nd September 2006

Fact: Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn have been named as the world's most influential men aged under 42 by Detail magazine.

12th August 2006

Fact: Clint Eastwood, Vince Vaughn and Christopher Lee share a Guinness world record - at six foot five inches (1.9 meters) each, the trio measure up as the tallest actors in the new Guinness Book Of Records. MIMI ME VERNE TROYER is named the shortest working actor.

4th August 2006

Fact: Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have put paid to reports they've split after they were spotted double dating with pals Courteney Cox and David Arquette at Hollywood steakhouse Cut on Wednesday (02AUG06) night.

9th July 2006

Quote: "I said, 'You're one of the busiest guys in showbusiness, you can't come and do my show.' He said, 'I'm doin' it!' I'm like his agent trying to tell him he can't do it." Denis Leary was amazed when Vince Vaughn insisted on joining the cast of hit US firefighter drama RESCUE ME.

18th June 2006

Quote: "Well, to date, he hasn't serenaded me under my balcony." Jennifer Aniston muses on boyfriend Vince Vaughn's lack of romantic gestures.

15th June 2006

Fact: Hot Hollywood couple Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn insisted on arriving and leaving the London premiere of their new movie THE BREAK-UP separately. They also refused to be photographed together.

3rd June 2006

Fact: Vince Vaughn's mother SHARON appears as a Chicago, Illinois tourist in his latest film THE BREAK-UP.

26th May 2006

Quote: "He's the biggest man I've ever worked with... You throw your neck out (looking up at him)." Jennifer Aniston on the height difference between her and boyfriend Vince Vaughn, who she met while filming romantic comedy THE BREAK-UP.

24th May 2006

Quote: "I like the way you're handling yourself...I like the investigative reporting." Vince Vaughn, when asked by talk show host Jay Leno if Jennifer Aniston's nude scene in THE BREAK-UP was the first time he'd seen her naked.

24th May 2006

Quote: "Being a producer and an artist, I said, 'Guys, I know we've done 40 takes, but we do not want to walk away from this too soon. Trust me, let's just keep shooting and keep shooting. We'll be thankful in the editing room.'" Vince Vaughn's instructions to the crew while Jennifer Aniston filmed her nude scene in their new film THE BREAK-UP.

23rd May 2006

Quote: "No one told me I was going to heaven that day... That was the only day I showed up early. I was the last one to leave the set." Vince Vaughn was thrilled when girlfriend Jennifer Aniston revealed all in a scene - her first nude scene - in new romantic comedy THE BREAK-UP.

14th May 2006

Quote: "Those guys would fly in for, like, a day or two, stay up late playing poker and drinking and everything, and then show up on the set. It was like working with the RAT PACK." The Break Up director Peyton Reed on working with pals Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Cole Hauser and Jason Bateman on the romantic comedy.

15th April 2006

Quote: "I just wanted to ask you how the plans were going and if $8 million was going to be enough?" Oprah Winfrey jokes with Jennifer Aniston about rumours the talk show queen is hosting a wedding for the former FRIENDS star and her boyfriend Vince Vaughn.

16th March 2006

Quote: "If someone's been in a really long relationship... it really helps that person to find someone who can try and connect them to people again." Actor Vince Vaughn on his relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

12th March 2006

Fact: Vince Vaughn is to be honoured with the ShoWest Comedian of The Year prize at the annual cinema bosses conference in Las Vegas, Nevada next week (15MAR06).

17th February 2006

Fact: <p>Vince Vaughn bought Jennifer Aniston a $2,600 (GBP1,400) 18-carat gold pave-set diamond heart ring from Tiffany's for her 37th birthday. </p>

23rd January 2006

Quote: <p>"If I'm not interested in a woman, I'm straightforward. Right after sex, I usually say, 'I can't do this anymore. Thanks for coming over!'" Wedding Crashers actor Vince Vaughn doesn't mince words when it comes to dating. </p>

4th January 2006

Fact: <p>Jennifer Aniston thrilled New Year's Eve (31DEC05) revellers at Las Vegas, Nevada's Forty Deuce burlesque club when she performed a saucy dance routine for boyfriend Vince Vaughn. </p>

23rd December 2005

Fact: <p>The DVD release of comedy Wedding Crashers will feature a deleted scene of stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson performing a karaoke version of Nena's 99 RED BALLOONS. </p>

8th December 2005

Fact: <p>According to a poll by America's Lifetime Television, 78 per cent of US women would rather kiss Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband under the mistletoe than her new love Vince Vaughn. </p>

8th November 2005

Quote: <p>"You think you're travelling with THE Beatles." Jon Favreau on what it's like to spend time with best pal Vince Vaughn and his rumoured girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. </p>

18th October 2005

Quote: <p>"It's like she's stuffed with ELVIS dust. Little kids see her and they don't know she's famous, and they just gravitate to her, they hang on." Vince Vaughn on pal Jennifer Aniston. </p>

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