Vincent Cassel thinks a 'La Haine' sequel ''would be the next great movie of Mathieu Kassovitz''.

The 48-year-old actor - who starred in the ground-breaking 1995 drama - has backed the director to make the eagerly-awaited follow-up film, suggesting the terrorist attacks in France earlier this year could prove to be a source of inspiration.

Vincent - who played the part of Vinz in the original movie - said: ''When Mathieu decided to do 'La Haine', it was because he was shocked by the assassination of a kid in a police station. Suddenly he felt like he had something to say about it.

''Maybe with everything that has happened lately, that might happen to him again. It feels like for the last few years, he was a bit empty and he didn't know what story to tell. Maybe that would be the next great movie of Mathieu Kassovitz.''

Meanwhile, Vincent - who's also worked with directors like Gilles Mimouni on 'L'Appartement' and Gaspar Noé on 'Irréversible' - revealed his love of working with film-makers who are willing to take risks.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''I like to work with people that may not be that professional at the beginning but who have this burning desire to speak and to say what they feel like.''