Vincent Kartheiser hates Twitter.

The 'Mad Men' actor - who recently announced his engagement to Alexis Bledel - admitted he can't stand the micro-blogging site and gets annoyed when his friends talk about it.

He told Vulture: ''I think it's stupid. I wouldn't even know how to ... It just gets into your life. Even if you're not in it, it gets in your life. A couple of days ago someone was like, 'Hashtag round butt!' And I was like, ''What's a hashtag? Is it some sort of hash? Like, 'Tag, you're it! Haaaaaash!' And they were like, 'No! You know! Like, hashtag, man! Hashtag!' And I was like, No. I'm a f**king adult.' But apparently hashtag has something to do with Twitser. Twizzler. Twizzler? Is it Twizzler? I love their licorice.''

However, Vincent admitted his opinion makes his appear old fashioned.

He added: ''Oh. Stupid. Personal expression has become a form of entertainment, and that's very sad. You used to have to earn your position to have a microphone in your mouth. Now everyone in the world has their own little soapbox to talk about what they want. I guess it's good. What do I know? I sound like an old man, don't I?''