Comedienne Wanda Sykes has confessed to buying a bootleg DVD of the Michael Jackson concert documentary THIS IS IT - because she's too busy as a new mother of twins to go to the movie theatre.
The star and her wife Alex welcomed babies Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude in April (09) but she admits the tots are becoming quite a handful.
Sykes insists her parenting duties leave her with little spare time, so she resorted to purchasing a pirate copy of This Is It because she was so desperate to see the film.
But the funnywoman admits the disc quality was so bad, it wasn't worth it.
She says, "There's so many movies i wanna see, like there's the Michael Jackson movie I wanna see. I don't have time so I did something I never do, I bought a bootleg. I know, I know, but it's something I never do. They're the worst, mine was really bad!"