Warren Beatty led a toast to his transgender son on Saturday night (17.12.11).

The 'Dick Tracy' actor was previously believed to have struggled to deal with his daughter Kathlyn transitioning into a man named Stephen, but to show his support for him he and wife Annette Benning took their family out for a dinner at Il Covo restaurant in Hollywood.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "The dinner was an unofficial public display that he's proud of his family, especially Stephen, for having the courage to be who he truly is.

"It wasn't easy for Warren. But he learned a lot about the transgender community over the past year.

"Warren even made an emotional toast to Stephen during the dinner and said he was proud to have such a brave son."

However, Warren does continue to make mistakes when it comes to addressing his son.

The source added: "Warren never stopped loving his child, but he had plenty of issues and fears to overcome.

"The bottom line is he missed his little girl. But he's finally resigned himself to the fact that one day Stephen will probably have gender reassignment surgery and legally become a boy.

"Warren still slips up and calls Stephen 'her' or by his birth name Kathlyn, but the bottom line is he's totally onboard with his child's new lifestyle."