Asking us to name all our favorite Wes Anderson characters is a pretty hard task, especially that Wes has now released his latest masterpiece ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Still we’ve managed to go through all of Wes’s big screen outings and narrow our list down to just ten of our favorites. Of course everybody has their most memorable Anderson creations - so let us know yours - but here are just ten of the ones we’ve found most memorable.

Grand Budapest HotelRalph Fiennes as Gustave in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

1. Gustave H. (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

A new entry, from Wes’s latest offering ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. Gustav is the hotel concierge intent on satisfying his guests in every way (no matter how old they are). Ralph Fiennes made his first Anderson movie appearance playing the consciousness concierge who ends up on the run. The usually more dramatic actor used the role to prove he can also be a very good comedically as well.

Jason Schwartzman RushmoreJason Schwartzman as Max in 'Rushmore'

2. Max Fischer (Rushmore)

Jason Schwartzman played Max Fischer in the film that first established Anderson as a filmmaker of note. Fischer was the eccentric teenager who was both ‘Rushmore's’ best and worst student. Taking lengths to hide his less than privileged background Fischer tries to better himself with extra circular activities and a friendship with Herman Blume. Fischer might be Anderson’s first truly great character who’s led some to wonder how much of him is in the director himself.

Gene Hackman Royal TennebaumsGene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums

3. Royal Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

The patriarch of the Tenenbaum family is perhaps not the most pleasant character Wes has ever created but it doesn't make him any less enjoyable. One of lives failures, Royal simply doesn't care as he tries to make amends with his equally mad family. Played by Gene Hackman, the character eventually comes across as a somewhat sympathetic figure, which is a testament not just to Hackman’s acting but also to Anderson’s movie making skills.

Fantastic Mr FoxFantastic Mr Fox

4. Mr Fox (The Fantastic Mr Fox)

George Clooney voiced the loveable rogue fox who’s always optimistic and more than a little vain. Roald Dahl might have created the character, but Anderson brought him to life on screen putting more than a little of his unique stamp on the classic children’s tale.

Bill Murray Steve ZissouBill Murray as Steve Zissou

5. Steve Zissou (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)

Oceanographer Steve Zissou was played by often Anderson collaborator Bill Murray. Zissou was eccentric even by Anderson's character standards, but he was also hugely endearing. He’s the leader who might not necessarily be fit to lead but it tries his best at it as he becomes a somewhat tragic hero.

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