Gwyneth Paltrow MargotGwyneth Paltrow as Margot

6. Margot (The Royal Tenenbaums)

The outsider of the Tenenbaum family, genius playwright Margot is full of secrets. Margot is the Tenenbaum’s adopted daughter whose success has only made her feel even more isolated. Margot is so complex not even her psychiatrist husband can figure her out. Wrapped in a fur coat and with a secret smoking habit, Margot is perhaps the most complex role that Gwyneth Paltrow has ever had to tackle and the actress manages to pull it off with charm and sympathy.

7. Hermut Blume (Rushmore)

Hermut Blume is a miserable man who forges a friendship with student Max Fischer in Rushmore. Anderson didn't think he had a chance of getting Bill Murray to play the role, but luckily Murray’s agent was a fan of his previous work, ‘Bottlerocket’ and convinced the actor to read the script. The friendship between Murray and Anderson would lead the pair to begin Murray’s full on career renaissance.

The Royal TennebaumsIs Richie Tenenbaum The Best Wes Anderson Character?

8. Richie Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

Tragic Ritchie Tenenbaum hasn’t led a very happy life and being in love with his adoptive sister doesn't help matters much. Things just never seem to work out for him and he even attempts suicide in one of Anderson’s most memorable screen scenes. Portrayed by longtime friend Owen Wilson, Richie is the Tenenbaum we were all rooting for, to finally grow up and achieve happiness.

Kara Hayward Moonrise KingdomKara Hayward in Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

9. Suzy (Moonrise Kingdom)

Book worm Suzy from 2012’s 'Moonrise Kingdom' might be Anderson’s best dressed character. She’s also made one of the best uses of eyeshadow in cinematic history. The film might have contained some major Hollywood heavyweights including Bruce Willis and Edward Norton but newcomer Kara Hayward held her own with a memorable performance which earned her a Young Artist Award nomination.

Wes Anderson BottlerocketWes Anderson's Film Debut, Bottlerocket.

10. Dignan (Bottlerocket)

Anderson’s first memorable character is perhaps 'Bottlerocket’s' Dignan played by Owen Wilson. Anderson, Owen and his brother Luke all made their film debut in the 1996 film, which they wrote together. The would be criminal who's a nice guy at heart is the naive and optimistic leader of a equally inept crew. For a debut feature Owen Wilson gives an extremely memorable performance in this much underrated classic.

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