MTV announced details of its forthcoming TV schedule last night (April 25, 2013) and it appears that Wes Craven is in talks with Dimension Films to potentially direct the pilot for a new TV series of Scream, which is expected to get a 2014 release. A one-hour pilot has been ordered by MTV, aimed at “reinventing the smash film that introduced the world to maniacal killer Ghostface.” MTV and Dimension Films will be working together on the reboot.

Other news to come out of MTV’s announcement was that the Jersey Shore reality show offshoot Snooki & JWOWW will be re-commissioned for a third season. Another three new series were also introduced: Cryo, Nurse Nation and The Hook Up. Cryo takes a look at a generation of kids who were conceived via sperm donor and follows the life journeys of some of these individuals. One of them, Breeanna, discovered that she has 15 half-siblings, all fathered by a man that none of them know. Nurse Nation is a documentary series, following twenty nine travel nurses and examining the pressures they face in their day-to-day work as well as seeing how they make the most of “all that their host cities have to offer on their days off.”

The Hook Up is a touch more lowbrow; a dating show hosted by Andrew Schulz, in which contestants choose their suitors based on their social media history. 

Wes Craven
Wes Craven in talks to return to Scream