Westlife heart-throb Kian Egan fell for sexy lover Jodie Marsh after she kissed a female pal in front of him to draw attention to herself.

The dreamy UNBREAKABLE singer met the sexy British TV actress at London's fashionable CLICK bar - and entranced him with the steamy show.

Stunning Jodie recalls, "We just wanted to make an impression on all the stars in the VIP room, so for a joke we started kissing. It must have lasted for about a minute. There must have been around 25 people watching us. All the Westlife boys were in there, but Kian was the one who showed the most interest."

The TV actress continued wistfully, "He came over and was going, 'Wow,' and making it clear that he was enjoying what he was seeing. After we broke off, Kian said, 'Do it again'. So we did.

"He ended up taking a picture of us snogging on his mobile phone. He's still got it on the phone today. After that we became great pals."

Such great friends that the pair ended up spending the night together - and kept blonde Jodie's friends awake with their amorous outbursts.

Jodie admits, "We were so great together physically that I just couldn't help screaming out loud."