White Christmas star Danny Kaye is to be immortalised on the menu at fabled New York diner Carnegie Deli.

Kaye is to be honoured with his own sandwich as fans, family members and friends remember the late star on what would have been his 100th year.

The actor/singer's daughter Dena will join the staff of the deli on Monday (29Apr13) for a sandwich cutting ceremony.

A spokesman for the diner tells Wenn, "Danny Kaye is known to most as a star of stage and screen, singer, entertainer extraordinaire and true humanitarian. However, the beloved American icon, who entertained children of all ages in films like White Christmas and Hans Christian Anderson, is far less well known for his culinary talents. A bona fide Chinese chef whose frequent dinner guests included luminaries from Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, to Frank Sinatra and Henry Kissinger, Danny surely had a sophisticated skill set and palette.

"His very favourite food though, like Danny, was much more fun and lighthearted. Down-to-earth and simply delicious, Danny Kaye loved the sandwich."