Review of Let's Talk About It Single by White Denim

White Denim
Let's Talk About It
Single Review

White Denim Let's Talk About It Single

Texas trio White Denim are set to embark on a ship that is the start of their musical career. They have been plying their trade supporting Nick Cave, which can't be the wrong way of going to help kick-start things.

James Petralli delivers a brilliant vocal performance that is accompanied by simple guitar riffs mixed with unmissable inappropriate guitar chords that is the make up for 'Let's Talk About It'

The thing is that these guys are fresh and seem full of ideas they play chords that just don't seem like they belong, but the reality is that they fit like a glove. It all works and what makes this even more is the video. This is a typical mad video that reminds you of the early Foo Fighters days, when they wanted to deliver more than just a tune.

White Denim Let's Talk About It video

It seems that White Denim have introduced more than just producing a bang on track, they have brought fun back into music. This Texas trio will be wanted all over and for a change it will be for the right reasons.

Mark Moore

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