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I miss you, Whitney.;(

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by dontouchmychocolate

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From the moment I witnessed the movie the BODY GUARD, I fell in love with you. I was a little girl then. Now I have a daughter who is Sametta whitney Swaray because I love your voice and hopes that she will have those good attributes especially your voice. I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH BUT I WILL ALWAYS SEE YOU THRU MY LIL GIRL.WITH LOTS OF LOVEEMMETTA GARSWAHLIBERIA,WEST AFRICA

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by EMMETTA

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Dear sweet Whitney with your wonderful talent and so many accomplishments you were a wonder on this earth and now you go on to HEAVEN to sing in the Heavenly chorus to be Happy Healthy and whole, to sing wonderful prays to our Lord and Master I Love you Whitney and I always will (God Bless you ) see you soon

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by chic/girl

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R.I.P. Whitney , u were and still are the greatest u were one talented , gorgeous and genuine lady of our time , ur songs personaly helped me through my life , u will be missed by the world, i am total heartbroken, it feels u were one of my family and im so sad it hurts so much, i just cant stop crying , my heart goes out to your family , i will miss u so much u to me were god, now i pray he will look after u now , good bye whitney always in my thoughts , i love you xxxx

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by jas

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Since the first time i heard and saw Whitney sing, i have loved her,it also touch me to the heart to know that such a beautiful woman an awsome singer would sing gospel type songs to the world, as also did my favourite male singer Elvis,i sing a thousand songs myself an love all singers as i try to sing their songs, but i know so well that nobody in the world ever sang as good as an looked as lovely as Whitney, i see from her latest photos she is a happy girl again an im so happy for her an while she was not doin well in her broken heart an life i prayed she will get well an she would return to us all to be the girl she was born to be, the best singer the world has ever known, i love you whitney , an you brought me to tears to hear you sing''I Look To You'' well done Whitney, 'I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, patrick XXXXXXX LOTS OF LOVE

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by patrick godfrey

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i was and will always be your admirer,but from the moment the issue of drugs came up, i was very disappointed with you but always hoped one day you will continue from where you had stopped. god answered my wishes and you are back and its my hope you will be the same for ever and i will always love you ! your true admirer mahmood from mombasa Kenya.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by mahmood

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yaay that's my whitney gurl u look beautifull everyday that passes by n i'm dying 4 ur new album n i count the days 'till u release it,,keep doin ya thang gurl cuz u do it tha best..with my all of unconditionally luvNada..

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by abse

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Hey twocents,What about those other sisters with too much money. Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan. do they earn to much? I think you love Whitney way to much, don't you start doing that crack or smokin them reefers.

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by bungee

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Whitney HoustonI Will Always Love You ... Just listened to you sing it a few minutes ago and typing this with tears still in my eyes ... a grown man like me shouldn`t admit it ... I loved you when I first heard you sing and even more when I saw you perform on tv ... it hurts me to think of all the sorrow that you`ve endured and I wish you all the best! ........and ...Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You!...............listen to Whitney> http://www.alternative-dating-sites.com/Whitney-Houston-Always-Love-You.html

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by ZERONOMO

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yaaaaaaay whitney u donnu how hppy iam 4 ur comeac n u looked better than ever in malaysia,,keep it up girl n i wis u the best..

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by abse

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hey my queen happy b-day n i wish u a happy birthday as wonderfull n amzazing u r..luv u

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by abse

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Whitney i think u should stop stop thinkin about men n start to think about u n ur daughter seriously..T C..

Posted 17 years 1 week ago by abse

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stop talking about things that already happened Whitney n Bobby got divorced there's nuthin anyone can do anythin about it Whitney is a grown n wise woman she know's wat's right n best 4 her n all we can do is pray for Whitney n wish her tha best n goodluck..luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u whitney till tha day i stop breathin'..God bless u n take care..

Posted 17 years 3 weeks ago by abse

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hi ms houston i am rita from grenada in the caribbbean and i just want you to know that i am very proud of you. whenever i hear your voice it always make me smile:) i enjoy every single track that you sang i love you dearly and i want you to keep on doing you thang.luvvvvvvvvvvvv youuuuuuuuuuu veryyyyyyy veryyyyyyy much

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by Rita smith

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Dear Whitney..gud luck realy trul honestly gud luck n i dunni wat to sat but i wish u tha best of tha best n keep an eye on ur daughter don't let ANYONE i mean ANYONE take her away from u..LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by abse

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well, im so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but i ve heard clips of whitneys track she has done with cissy and dionne for the film daddys girls song is called, family first and sadly its so poor. Her voice, not a touch of what it was, cracks all over the place, she does not sing but speaks most of it and the song is so weak. I thought clive Daviss was watching over her, he sleeping or what

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by ants31

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Posted 17 years 3 months ago by jessi

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Dear Mis Whitney..Wat's Up?? ur free now so u gotta live ur life right forget tha past n think of now n tha future n wat's coming for u is gonna be better..i wish u tha best of tha best n a happy peacefull life that's all that realy matter's n that all ur wishes n dreams will come true..Luv u alwayz no matter wat.. Take carePeace.. ur loyal fan from Saudi Arabia..

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by abse

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i'm glad ur back, thanx god u decided to getread of that tramp husband beacause he was there to spend ur money,u was born to be rich beautiful and a great singer and u will always be.from uk

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by willle

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Good Luck In Ur Life n Live it right..Luv u...

Posted 17 years 4 months ago by abse

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I dont kno hw authentic this is but anything Withney is of utmost interest to me.Withney, saying I luv u with all my heart will b an understatement. I wept when I saw those pictures, I couldnt biliv dis ws my own Withney bt gess wht? I'm glad u r back. Dis is one peson all d way 4rm Nigeria who is gaga about u. Kudos sis, 4 d bold step.

Posted 17 years 4 months ago by Bduke

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waoo thanx god ur back, i luv and i wish u all the best on ur singing career

Posted 17 years 4 months ago by tusana wille

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awww waaaw ur doing it Whitney ur back n ur gonna be better than ever n only god knows how much i wish u luck n a better life i'm glad ur back n i'm waiting on fire for ur new album good luck..u did it n ur still doing it..take care of ur selfLUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV U till death..

Posted 17 years 4 months ago by abse

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Whitney..there's no more words left for me 2 say except,, ur back gurl n ur doin ur thang hotter than eva,,keep it up gurl,,u realy deserve tha best of things in this life..Good Luck,,LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV YOU

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by abse

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Hello darling nippy,Remember this, Life comes but onces-- so make the best of it. GOD did not give us everything to enjoy what HE give is LIFE for us to enjoy everything.Iam always praying for you. Dont mind falling the consequence of this is a rising maybe even higher this time.GOD IS WITH YOU ALWAYSP.S. Do you know that you are beautiful inside out, yes you are pls. stay that way.

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by elizabeth'sgrandma

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Dear Mis Whitney..People walk n talk don't give a F***,,just keep doin wat ur doin n as much as i wish for myself happy n peace in my life i wish u the same n more,,so goodluck,,n i wish u tha best of tha best of tha best simply the ultimate..

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by abse

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Hello Mis Whitney how r ya?i'm glad that ur ok now n feeling good n i'm also glad about ur comeback,,u've been through alot now just leave it all behind n think of now this moment nothing else,,i knew it that u would never break..so best of wishes n goodluck from the bottom of my heart n i will always pray for you n luv u 'till the day i stop breathin'..take good care of urslf n ur daughter.God bless you..P.S;u feel good n now i'm feeling good,keep doing ur thang..Salam..Luv Ya :-D

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by abse

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I have always admired, and loved Whitney. I've prayed and continue to pray for her. She will beat this devil i know that.. And as a human we are not worthy to pass judgement on anyone. Look how good she looks @ the BET awards i've always believed she would stand up never mind what other people was saying about her.... You go Girl, we r waiting for your new album!! We really missed that voice we know so well.I'll keep praying and God bless....

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by Mealsie

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I have always admired, and loved Whitney. I've prayed and continue to pray for her. I believed that she could beat this devil. And as a human we are not worthy to pass judgement on anyone.. I am still your number 1 fan Whitney and believe you will rise agan a stronger and better than ever "Whitney" May God continue to watch over you and Bless you... Sweetie49

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by Sweetie49

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I thought she was finally off Crack and broke and back with her old record producer to try and revive her career. After all those years on Crack, her voice is probably shot now anyway and maybe she cannot make a come-back. Could be too late. I for one am over her and wouldn't buy any of her music. She missed her chance by screwing up with drugs for so many years. Rock Stars can do it but she was in a different category and what may look cool in a rock group looks stupid and disgusting in a wife and mother singer. Most uncool!

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by stormy

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I STILL LOVE AND ADMIRE YOU,WHITNEY! you can come back and reclaim your rightful throne,queen,as long as you TRULY do understand this time around that CRACK IS WACK,sista-gurl!get and stay strong and don't lets negativity steal your determination to live and flourish,god's love to you,ms.H.

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by lovelycreation

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Whitney is WHACK on CRACK. She has gone insane, no sense of reality any more. .

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by my two cents

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u know wat whitney watever ur doing in ur life it's ur life don't let anyone tell u wat to do watever u think is right just do it but never regret it don't regret anything in ur life it won't do u no good,,so now u gotta live ur life..n from the depth of my heart i wish u a happy n peacefull life u deserve it..WORDso u gotta remember no matter how hard things goes in ur life just smile n keep ya head up n after a tear comes a smile,,after pain comes joy,,after hate comes luv,,n after the rain the sun always shines n ur life is shining right now keep the light,,n when ur happy i'm happy for u believe dat..so do ur thang ma'am n good luck..Be Peace.. :-D

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by abse

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u know whitney from the depth of my heart i wish u happy n peacefull life u realy desrve it..Wordn whatever u do in ur personal life it's ur choice n watever u do never regret it,,n no matter wat u gotta be strong n keep ya head up,,n although sometimes everything may be hard but no matter wat u gotta smile n look up n thank god n always remeber after a tear comes a smile after pain comes joy after hate comes love,,after the rain comes the sun n when ur happy believe me i'm happy for u,,so do ur thang ma'am n goodluck..I WILL ALWAYS LUV YA..

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by abse

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Hi Whitney,I'm new to this site but want to say how much i love u and is praying for ur come- back.I really miss hearing that voice i know so well I'll keep praying and God bless.... truder, Columbus,Ohio

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Truder

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For my two centsYour hysterical! All of your comments on any subject are so negative. Do you ever have anything positive to say at all?

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by stormy

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Dear Whitney:Warm greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour!As human beings, we have our share of faults, frailties, failures and frustrations. Regardless of culture, color, creed, class and character, we have one thing in common - we are God's masterpiece. Allow me to tell you a story that happened 38 years ago. I was only 9 years old when I became fatherless. My father was gunned down by hired killers just few meters away from my grandmother's house in our hometown. It was one of my faults because I was not with him that day when he needed me most. My heart's desire was to avenge the death of my father. The alleged mastermind and murderers have not been punished as of this date. Thanks be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He changed my life, and set me free from the bondage of guilt, grudge and vengeful heart.Let me also dedicate to you a lyric composition entitled, MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING," and with an acrostic or acronym WHITNEY HOUSTON. Please read it and have it arranged for you to sing the song for God's glory and honor. MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVINGW - Wake up my child are the words I heard for me to arouse from sleep,H - Holy God and Mighty LORD JESUS I see,I - Immense and boundless paradise He prepared for me is beyond my comprehension;T - Trust and obey Him, is the only way for me to be happy and contented,N - No one can harm me because I am His child He will always protect and take good care,E - Emmanuel, God with us, is His name,Y - Yea, He is so kind and ever so loving.H - He will never leave me, nor forsake me, is the promise He will always keep,O - O my God, truly Your gift of salvation is full and free,U - Unconditional is Your love and unlimited is Your provision;S - Strait and narrow is the way to life, but it is the path to be tried and tested,T - Till the day I live, His gospel of love and forgiveness I must share,O - O my Lord, truly You are my fortune and fame,N - Now, I can say and sing, my life is worth living.We pray that you will continue serving our Master because He will always love you and me.In God's service,BRENELEPhilippine Islands

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by hyegyo

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OMG!!! I have to start off by sayin how much I love Whitney Houston. She is absolutely one of my favorite singer, actress and role model ( I know what some people are thinkin, "how much of a good role model can she be?") Well despite the negative publicity that Whitney has gotten over the years with her battle with drug addiction, I can still say that she is a beautiful person inside and out and has a magnetic personality, that no one in their right minds can resist, LOL. It has been my ferverent prayer that God delivers Whitney and sets her completely free from every adverse bondage in her life and restores unto her the years that the enemy has stolen from her. My continually prayer is that God will also restore her gift of singing so that she will be able to sing and give glory unto God. I know that I know that I know within my heart that God is answering my prayers and the prayers of thousands of others and that he will deliver Whitney Houston for His glory and His alone. See the world may have already counted Whitney out of the race and has already given up on her, but I know that my God, my merciful, just and loving God can do all things, and with Him all things ARE possible. And soon Ms. Houston will become a living testment to that. To Whitney: I Love You so much...not the conditional love that people give to you, depending on how many great music you produce, or how many movies that you produce, but I Love You with the unconditional love of God. May You continue to look to God to be your source of strengh and may He be everything to you that you need and want Him to be. May His presence rest within in you and His love surround you, especially during this trying period. This too shall come to an end and you will come out on top. "Time is not as long as it has been." May God continue to bless you and extend His mercy and Grace. This is my prayer for you. In Jesus name. AmenDerrieP.S Call on the name of Jesus

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by Derrie

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Hey Ma'am From the depth pf my heart i wish u tha best n goodluck in ur life n everything u do..u deserve tha best cuz u make me feel better..God Bless..

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by abse

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i just thank God for my godess (WHITNEY) she has made the best decision of her life... i have been praying for her and i surely know she will make it right on track again... i just can't wait to see her stand back on her feet again.. i have always known u will make it again Whitney........ i love u...

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by sheslovely

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Go head Ms. Whitney. It is about time she left that man. My God be with her and she can get back on track and be the Ms.Whitney Houston the public knows not a tired, worn out piece of meat.God Bless You Whitney!

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by mslisagouldlock

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Hi! Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour! "Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith."

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by hyegyo

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Hey whitney wat up?? u know u realy did the right thing,,ur now free,,so take ur time u have all the time u need,,to clear ur mind n recover from ur drug addiction u realy need to look for urself n take good care of urself n bobbi kristina she needs u u broughr her light so keep tha light in her life n i'm lookin forward to ur come back but u got other thing to take care about u n ur daughter..i will alwayz luv u no matter what so plz be happy n smile n everythin w'll be super fine..T C..Peace

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by abse

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I wish you speedy recovery from all your drug addiction, you can and will overcome in Jesus name.Remember God loves you and he wants you back as his loving daughter.You have more to give to this world than you can ever imagine.We have not seen the best of you yet.God has a purpose for your life and the devil is not big enough to stop it.You will surely overcome and prevail over every plan and purpose of the enemy the devil.God is waiting to hear your voice in prayers, he has promised to hearken to the voice of his own when they call.Call unto God in faith and he will deliver and transform your life.I have prayed for you and i know our prayers for you are answered in Jesus name.Love you.

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by rogerjide

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I would just like to say to Ms. Houstone that it takes a STRONG WOMAN to stand down an face the fact that maybe they made the wrong decision and stood by the wrong person. If that is what your doing then just know that your FAMILY, FANS AND FRIENDS ARE ALL THE SHOULDERS YOU NEED. Forever your devoted fan no matter what because he(GOD) didnt give up on me he wont let me give up on you.

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by Ms.Peesplace

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So they're finally getting divorced. What a couple of losers they are. Just goes to show that blacks should never have so much money, it all gets wasted on booze, drugs and JEWelry. .

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by my two cents

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Just keep doing your thind baby!

Posted 17 years 10 months ago by STACKS723

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F**k bin laden n F**k the media damn Can't a sister have a moment of peace,,n how colud anyone reach bin laden anyway where did that info came from??????

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by abse

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whitney you have a beautiful voice things are not all what they seem money is the root of all evil but no one wants to be poor either having what you want isnt all bad just don't forget it can all be taken away you started off in a church singing in a choir and you never went back,go back there its where your life began and your career will end let it be what we as fans remember you from god luvs you and we do too, i'm a single parent i don't have riches but i do have the luv of my boys and my faith that keeps me strong through god all things are possible.look on the inside if you have to reach way down jesus will pick you up a concerned fan...

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by sassykia2000

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She's another example of why black people should never have so much money. .

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by my two cents

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Dear Whitney..Keep Ur faith in God,,n most of all keep ya head up,,life is a short trip so enjoy ur trip,,cuz once u ride in a train u can never go back,,u never change the past or the future,,but u can make it good,,u can make anything better n good..God Bless u..Salam

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by abse

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Please two cents get a life apparently you don't have one you are too facinated with whitney's. You waste alot of your energy on her let her be. It's not her fault that your life sucks. If you wasn't a fan you would not be here. So work on your own issues. You Hater! God bless you whitney we love you. We look foward to seeing you whenever you are ready.

Posted 17 years 11 months ago by blkbutterfly

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Whitney, please just overdose. You wig-wearing, crack-smoking moron. You never deserved so much money. We're tired of reading about your pathetic life. .

Posted 17 years 12 months ago by my two cents

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What can I say! The woman with gifts direct from heaven - a golden voice, made in the image of God, from a Godfearing home... the blessings on you, sister Whitney, are countless! Know for sure that your re-lifting is nearer than you can see. Christ is stretching His hands to you. If you take His hands, He will lift you again as if you never went down before. The joyful thing is that once you genuinely say sorry He never holds it against you, never. He loves you too much to. I am waiting to see you where you belong, at the pinnacle, singing the glory of your Maker, your Lord, your God. I know without any iota of doubt that it won't be long. I am earnestly praying for you. I love you but Jesus loves you more! Shallom, SomeoneReallyCares

Posted 17 years 12 months ago by SomeoneReallyCares

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What a bunch of milksops. If she dumps that scumbag she runs around with, MAYBE, just MAYBE she has a shot. If not, you'll read about her funeral in a few years.Terrible waste of a life.news://alt.music.michael-jacksonhttp://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.michael-jackson?hl=enhttp://www.childrenhatemj.nethttp://www.fluttergirl.com/michaeljackson/http://www.imagedump.com/index.cgi?pick=get&tp=426184

Posted 18 years 3 weeks ago by faggotjackson

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Whitney Houston..A life saviour ,, a smile on the face,,hope in lives,,the light through the darkness,,happiness n joy to the hearts,,a real good strong woman who inspired millions n billions of people around the world including Me,,she is almost the fresh air that I breathe,,the pure water that I drink,,my heartbeats,,the light n hope in my life,,the beautiful flower that I smell,,the sweetest melody that my ears hear every single day of my life,,the one only voice that broke the walls of my heart n touched it,,my ups when I’m down,,my smile when I’m sad,,my hope when I’m on the edge of breaking down,,my friend when I’m lonely,,my tears when I cry,,the queen of my heart,,n my black Queen..Nippy is a diva she is a saviour she is everything good that happens,,she is an angel she is someone that words can’t describe,,she is a gift from god,,from her n from the life she leads I learned a lot,,I now know that I’m gonna be srtrong girl no matter what,,though my voice is the worst so I can’t inspire people with my voice but I can by being strong,,hopeful,,n cheerful,,just by smiling to the world,,smiling back to my problems,,I can inspire people by all of these things,,n Nippy I learned it from u,,I think that anyone that have problems in their lives no matter how big is the problem we all should thank god cause it could’ve been worse,,god created us n we will go back to him in the judgement day,,so I thank god for everything n most of all for creating an angel like u Nippy..N remember “everyday I’m not the strongest,,and I’m not the weakest either,,but I won’t break”,,Hell Yea I won’t break n u 2 u won’t break,,cuz I live my life through u n I’m not willing to break n I know that ur strong n u’ll be back soon,,I’m only 19 n I got a long trip so I need u to inspire me I need someone to keep me strong,,n if ur strong I’m strong,,ur happy I’m happy,,ur on ur own but not alone ;-)I pray,,I wish,,and I hope the ultimate n the best u deserve it..I will always luv u Nippy..God bless u..Ur # 1,,Loyal fan 4ever..

Posted 18 years 3 weeks ago by abse

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Hi Whitney !!!We hope you're very fine everyday . Please ignore those write ups against you. What matter is how you helped and inspired a lot through your songs . Also, we hope that you'll record a new album very soon . A great comeback for a great artist . Suggestion for your next album : inspirational songs and some revivals like "don't cry out loud" ( i think this song fits with your very powerful voice) thanks and God Bless

Posted 18 years 4 weeks ago by Migs

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Whitney (nippy), God sits by you waiting for you to reach for him. He has always been there to watch over you and to help you. Reach for him now - he will help you with your battle. Ignore comments from people who do not give their support - You are an Angel and have the voice to go with it. Come back and lift our hearts with your soul let us feel your emotion through your voice. We (your true supporters) are always here for you.God Bless you always.Ronnie

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by rags2010

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Hi Whitney what's up??seems everything is getting better what ever ur doing it's the right thing,,n u deserve a happy life n leave ur past behind n think of tomorrow not about what u did..Good luck Ma'am..Luv u..

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by abse

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U know what i think ya'll should leave Whitney alone,, i mean come on is she the only person on this earth is doing drugs???she's not the first n shes not the last n it's not the end of the world,,let her do whatever she want's to do n let her solve her problems by her own,,she's wise strong enough.plus she'll get through n it would be nothin so everybody BACK UP..And CHERELLE is right Bobby You realy got to do something about it Whitney is not a stranger she is ur wife so u gotta stand for her..

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by abse

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Whitney -- just another black crack whore. .

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by my two cents

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Where is Whitney Houston?Once in a lifetime,a striking and stunning songbird comes along, whose voice is so melodious and so powerful,stopping an entire generation in their tracks.She crosses every socio-economic and culture boundaries,all hanging on to every note.With grace and aplomb,you electrify the crowds who flock to your concerts and to the record stores to witness your genius and brilliance.I can never forget my visit to my hometown grocery store in N.C. early one sunday morning, in the parking lot was a somewhat dishelved middle-aged white man with tears streaming down his face sitting in his old truck gun rack and all,radio blarring "I Will Always Love You",all the while attempting to sing the song himself and clutching his case of beer.We all love you and we are there for you.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by thetallone

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Unless you people have been in Whitney's shoes and lived her life, then you don't know jack!!!! Let me tell you, regardless of how much money a person have their still human. The only difference between Whitney and many of us is, that God blessed her with a beautiful voice and the good sense to capitalize on it. I'm not famous or rich, thank God! because I know that I could not deal with it. Not so much as the money, but the fact that I couldn't walk down the street, hang out at the mall or even vacation with my family without having paparrazi, crazed fans and somebody always in my face. Alot of us don't need or want that much attention. Can you imagine needing bodyguards for every step you take! The stress of that alone is probably enough to make a person consider drugs. But regardless of the reasons, Whitney has earned her money, it's not like she's out robbing anyone to get her drugs! I've been a Whitney fan since the first time I heard her sing and I'll be a fan for as long as I'm breathing. I love her and want the best for her and I'll never turn my back on her because she messed up. So Please, people stay off her case and her live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by smif

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I never feel sorry when someone who has SO MUCH money ends up blowing most of it on whack. Poor little rich girl. Puh-leez! It just goes to show that all the wrong people have the money these days.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by john in san diego

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Dear Whitney..My brother was a drug addict scince he was 16 he was on drugs for 5 years and probably more ‘til he got realy sick he had a virus in his brain I dunno what it is but he stayed in hospital for two weeks he came back home and he was laying in his bed all the time he got very skinny we were scared but thank god he’s fine now and I dunno why he’s back again on drugs and he’s 25,,and now my two brothers are on drugs I guess they luv it,, my brother should’ve learned from what happened to him,,but u don’t have to wait for something to happen so u will stop drugs,,never wait for something cuz u dunno what’s gonna happen the next minute,,I always say to myself why would I care for people,, these day’s u got no body but u,,but I always take care of ‘em and they don’t,,but now u have to think about others especially ur daughter,,maybe there’s a reason why ur doing what ur doing maybe ur holding a lot of things in ur heart n ur smoking crack to forget it or run away from it,,yesterday I was sad so I smoked crack and damn it feels good,,but I woke up the next morning and the sadness fills my heart,,when ur high u are realy so high but u need to know that when ur down u have to look up when ur sad smile,,when ur hurt don’t cry cuz nothing in this world worth ur tears just keep holding on,, my mom’s cousin always tell’s me never reveal what’s in ur heart to anyone(keep it inside and feel the pain better than letting it out and everybody will start talking about it)she’s probably true but I believe it will lead to drugs so I think it’s better to speak what’s in ur heart to someone u realy trust or deal with it,, life is cruel but beautiful,, and believe me everything in this life hurts everything,,and turn to God he’s the reason why were here,,and whatever happens don’t complain try to be strong never think that God hates u or troubles are all in my head cuz if God love’s his slave he test’s him with troubles so if u have a lot of problems it’s cuz god love’s u,,so just stop drugs not for us,, for u n for ur daughter and the people u luv,,and I will always love and maybe there’s a reason why I’m writing this,,cuz I love u and I’m living my life through u and ur songs,,ur the person who’s keeping me on my feet,,and I’m the person who will always be there for u and wish for u the best of the best,,u can count on that.. Ur number 1 loyal fan..Take care..Salam

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by abse

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whitney this is just a trying moment.for the fact that u are still alive today means that God loves u.it will soon be over.i love ur musics.i am praying for u.it will soon be over.remember jesus is still the answer.so turn to him,he will make u whiter than snow.its well with u.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by obiajulu

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GoodMorning Whitney,I have enjoyed your music for a long time,and what wonderful things you have done.We share alot of things in common,one is the addiction,(CRACK).I have been clean now for 12years,and i didn't do it by my self,i had help and his name was Christ,and he still is keeping me.Whitney you must call out to Christ he'll take you and clean you up.You have been in enought rehabs,You must try the Master His name is Jesus.Whitney right now your a mind-twister with Drugs and Alcohol.No matter how popular the things may be,you must be guided by what the BIBLE teaches.Whitney God created us for Love and fellowship with him and with one another.The reason we get High or drunk is that we're only thinking of ourselves.We can even hurts other well our minds our twisted,I know i have.Whitney when we get high we take ourself into a little world of our own.There is no room for others in it,not even our Children.God has given us the things of this world to use for good purpose.So when we let something become our master,as alcohol and drugs has done even if its temporarily we fail God.Whitney he wants us to be the master of what he has given us(for you i would say acting and Music)Gospel)Do unto him with your whole Heart.I don't want you to think that i'm preaching at you,i'm not,I know what your going though I have been their.I had a few people in my corner.My Mother who has pass on,A real good Friend and My Daughter and Step Daugher.You notice i didn't say my Husband because he wasn't in my corner because he was a Alcholit at the time.Whitney God says you can't serve two master.If you want Christ to be our Master,We can not allow ourself to be a slave to Crack or anything else.The Question we must ask ourself about Drugs and Alcohol is can we let ourself use anything that throws our mind out of control?That make a slave out of us.Whitney i'm going to let you know everyone is not going to be Happy for you,You must learn to love your self,you must learn to say No.and you must learn to push your self to go to meeting.And don't blame anyone but your self.Because no one told us to put the pipe to our lips.Whitney i started doing Drugs at the age of sixteen,i'll soon be the Big 50.You have to want to do this for your self.But the key Master is Our Lord Jesus Chirst. No one else.I hope i could help in some way.I have been where your at,and i want you to know that their is light at the other end. Love in Christ. I hope that you read this.Listen to Helen Baylor Testimony.And for anyone one else that is struglin with and addiction,the key is Christ.I'll be praying.It's not going to easy but as long as you call on the name JESUS.There are many test and trials don't let no one tell you it a easy walk,its not.but its all for the good.

Posted 18 years 2 months ago by mighty

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Please Whitney ignore all who rise up against U read Psalms 27 and Romans 8:28. The devil is a liar and the father of such. I encourage U 2 seek God Matthew 6:33. He is waiting 2 hear from U. He wants 2 heal U. He wants U 2 B a great testimony 2 the World that Whitney Houston shall rise again and sing 4 His glory. There are many, many , many people praying 4 U. B encouraged my Sister and B strong.MisieLondon, UK

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by mbelovedg

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Whitney all I can say is let EVERYMAN B a liar including the Devil (U understand what I mean). Read Roman 8:28 and encourage Urself. God is waiting for U 2 return back 2 Ur first love, and sing 4 His glory. Act2:38 U know God does not judge and wants 2 heal U. There R many of us praying 4 a better change 4 U. We love U. U do have hope, no matter what U even say, or anyone else 4 that matter. B strong.

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by mbelovedg

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Finally good news,,finally i'm smiling..Mis. Whitney you did a very good thing for u and for ur family,,and keep it on n never look back..Goodluck from the bottom of my heart..ur loyal #1 fanNadaSalam

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by abse

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give the girl another crack at her career.go to rehab and get those demons out of your syatem!!!!!

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by jesmil

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WOOOW,,i'm shockced,,surprized and heartbroken,,Whitney everyday i log in to inernet hoping to find goog news and it only gets worse..anywayz i don't know what to right but let me tell u this,,i lost my parents scince i was a baby i never saw them or even have any memory of them which makes me an orphan,,and i was 11 when they told me that i was like:yea so what,,like i didn't care and now i'm turning 19 and every single i'm hurt and sad cuz i dunno yhem,,but i swear i realized that i'm hurt more when i hear these heartbreaking news about u,,u know why cuz ur my savior,,my mom brought me to light and left me and u kept me alive,,so please keep e alive and breathing,,and the music bussines is so wrong without u,,so get ur mind right and come back..And i'll keep telling u this as long as i'm breathing: I Need You,We Need You..Luv Ya AlwaysUr #1 Loyal Fan..Salam

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by abse

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Whitney. I´m from Argentina and i really hope u r able to read this message. I can´t believe what press is doing, i believe that all that is said must be true, but behind that DIVA we all know, there's a human being, a very weak person than needs help, atention , care and privacy. I really pray to ower Lord Jesus Crist that all this madness and confussion of drugs and adiction will be a path that will lead u to a higher level, to be a better person. I don´t mind if u don´t ever sing again or if i never see u again on tv or cinema, but i really hope u get well, for u, for your family, for your daughter that needs u more than any other person on earth. I know it might be very dificult, but try , just try to leave all this behind, and if you feel like u are not able to... well look for help, u are a very afortunated woman, you have millions of people that are praying for your health, look for help... but do it RIGHT now. U are in my prayers each day and i really (but i say this from de bottom of my heart) i really hope you can pass through all this and find a calm and peacefull life with your loved ones. I will write down a poem (anonimous) that is in spanish, but i´m not able to translate... please if any one is able to do it, do this for WHITNEY i hope u find this usefull. Solo Dios Basta (only God Counts)Nada te turbe nada te espantequien a dios tienenada le faltaSOLO DIOS BASTA

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by Tucu

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Dear Miss WhitneyCome back cuz we need u n u know what,,coke,,weed,alchohol is the best feeling ever it feels good,,but believe me nothin is better than facing ur problems and live a real life with ur family it's the ultimate,,and nothing is so good last eternily perfect situations must go wrong..right??and each day i live i want to be a day to give the best of me i'm only one but not alone my finest day is yet unknown i broke my heart for every gain to taste the sweet i face the pain i rise and fall yet through it all this much remains,,i want one moment in time when i'm more than i thought i could be,,when all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the unswers are all up to me,,give me one moment in time when i'm racing with destiny then in that one moment in time i will feel eternity..u have ur moment in time so use it well..and gurl u'll never stand alone..just come back..please we realy need u n remember (EVERYDAY I'M NOT THE STRONGEST..I'M NOT THE WEAKEST EITHER,,BUT I WON'T BREAK)u taught me that n now i have to tell u don't break..Peace..Ur #1 Loyal fan 4ever..Nada

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by abse

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Dear Whitney:I´m one of those people who love your voice, your magic, we need you fine, don´t let who the drugs win the war fight forever because the life is beautiful and you have a many important things, yor family, your daugther and ever you...the most important thing are you WHITNEY HOUSTON the human people, the bautiful woman, the bautiful voice.....Ilove youGod Bless youCoco.Mexico

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by cocodrilito63

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Hi Whitney, I love you so much,please come back to us. Just look at where you are coming from... a diva, an actress oh God you are so talented. You have fans that love you very much. You know I am waiting for you new album! or a movie. We still love you we do not want to lose you.I know you are a strong lady, face your problems and solve them we want to see you back on that stage again. Please please please. We all miss you very much.God bless you.Love TUMI from South Africa

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by Glady

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Miss Whitney. You've been blessed with an amazing voice, acting talents and priveledged into super stardom. If you could turn back the hand of time, what would you do? Because you believed the children are the future. You always said you could give good love. And you promised that you'd be saving all your love for us. But if you could be in One moment in time, I hope that time will bring you Joy and happiness, but above all of this we your fans wish you Love. But How will I know? But just remember that your love is my love and it would take an eternity to break us, and the chains of amistad couldn't hold us.Fight the demons that hold you back, come back to us.Please.Stace.

Posted 18 years 3 months ago by Stace

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Dear Miss Whitney Houston the Queen of all voices,, i luv you very much words can't express how much i luv u n how much i'm greatfull n thankfull 2 u,,i've been a #1 fan scince i was 7 years old n 'till now i'm ur #1 fan n now i'am 18 and my Biggest dream is to meet u 1 day,,whitney no matter what we will always luv u,,ur voice give's me hope to carry on your my greatest luv of all u saved my life n i owe u mine n whitney we need you,,u can't stop singing or acting,,cuz to me life aint a thing without ur beautiful voice,,n just know we got ur back always,, n no matter what everyday my luv for u grows i swear it won't stop growing n it can't stop..Luv u always put that in mind,,God Bless u n ur family,,and may ur dreams will always come true,,n live a happy,long n beautiful life for ever,,u deserve it gurl..GoodLuck..Ur Loyal n ur #1 fun forever:Nada from Saudi ArabiaTake Good Care of urself.Salam means Peace

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by abse

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I'm new to this site and am writing from New Zealand.I've been a big fan of Whitney since the 80's.Although she's had a whirlwind life with husband Bobby I believe that whatever she's been through can only make her a stronger person both professionally and personally. I still get goose bumps when I hear her "I will always love you" and "You give good love" Tracks.And her beauty, charisma and singing abilities are unmatched.

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Posted 18 years 8 months ago by SHEBABABYFROMTH...


WOW! Whitneys looking good, she was in good shape at the BET awards, loved her hair.She is now stronger than ever. It's good to see she's back in the studio woking on her new album with longtime record producer Clive David. She will be back on top off the charts before you know it it's were she belongs. she is going to be the biggest comeback artist next year. goooo Whitney!

Posted 18 years 8 months ago by 30041173

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you cant get better when you already are the best.Whitney Houston "the Diva of all times".

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Am warren Gee from kenya and i have been a great fan of our great Diva of al time Whitney Houston.Whitney we still need your voice in the music industry,we're praying for you that you'll make a come back with your golden voice.With God's help you will overcome the drug stuff as long as you believe in your self, Pliz we would still love to see you acting and singing great songs.May God bless you to overcome everything.Warren Gee from Kenya

Posted 19 years 1 month ago by warrengee

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