The X Factor have got in early with the Whitney Houston tributes, as two female singers both chose to sing ‘I Will Always Love You’ at boot-camp, to prove that they deserve to get through to the next round. Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey went back to back with the same song, but did they both make it through?

Paige Thomas was up first; with her shaved head and Mohican, she’s a dead ringer for Rihanna. As she announces her song choice, the camera pans to Frey, who is shaking her head, discovering that they have chosen the same track. Paige’s rendition was far from perfect, though it had some powerful moments. CeCe looked on, clearly frustrated. When it came to her moment, though, she decided to give it 100 per cent and gave Simon Cowell a flirtatious flick of the hair, meeting him for the first time. Her performance was pretty much note perfect though it’s clear she’s already starting to irritate some of her fellow contestants with her ebullient mannerisms. Oh and the ridiculous temporary leopard print tattoo she wears on her face.

After CeCe had finished, Simon said “one of you actually nailed it,” though he declined to comment which one. We reckon Simon’s a sucker for CeCe’s over-confident ways so we think he favored her. Both got through to the next round, so they’ll be going head to head once more.