Whitney Houston died last February amid fairly suspicious circumstances given her young age of just 38. However, as it was well known that she had a problem with drugs, when the coroner concluded that her death was accidental, having been found drowned with a range of drugs in her system, very few thought twice. However, as the Daily Mail reports, a Private Investigator - named Paul Huebl - definitely did think twice, and thinks that the evidence he's brought together "spell[s] homicide, with a big red capital 'H'".

"Whitney's body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life," he told the MailOnline. Although he admitted that the defense wounds could have been caused in other ways, he also added that there was evidence that her hotel room had been 'ransacked' which points towards a 'violent struggle'. Apparently, he's handed all his 'evidence' over to the FBI in Chicago, in the hopes that justice may come to pass. The evidence includes surveillance footage of two unknown men that eventually ingratiated themselves as part of her entourage, he believes them to be the men that may have killed her. 

Huebl is a retired police officer who, since retiring, has become an actor and a private investigator. He claims that a client- that he has not named- hired him to do some snooping around, amid their own fears that 'accidental death' wasn't the whole truth. He's under the assumption that police investigating at the time didn't do a thorough enough job, amid fears of the negative attention it could have brought to that police department. The FBI are yet to make a comment.