They shot to fame and gained a momentous audience following in 1994 as a rag-tag group of troublesome kids in the American comedy Little Rascals. The little people that gave us so much joy in the film adaptation of Hal Roach’s Our Gang may have grown up but they haven’t stopped entertaining as the stars of the show got together to recreate the movie’s poster 20 years later.

Blake McIver who played Waldo in the hit film tweeted a picture of the fabulous restoration for all his fans to see with the caption: ‘It’s #Rascals20th Day! Hooray!’

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Based around the He-Man Woman (‘woman’ misspelled as ‘womun’) Haters Club, the neighbourhood schoolboys club is shaken to its core after Alfalfa (Bug Hall), best friend of Club President Spanky (Travis Tedford) falls for the sweet charms of little Darla, played by Brittany Ashton Holmes.

Of course, the club brothers do everything that they can to upset the romance and get their boy back into the gang.

In addition to the main poster, the stars also undertake a collection of film action shots, repeating classic poses from the motion picture. Image recreations include the two lovebirds, Alfalfa and Darla, who cause all the problems in the first place and they lean against each other without a care in the world.

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Hilariously, Bug Hall and Travis Tedford also squeeze themselves into pink leotards and tutus constructing Alfalfa and Spanky’s infamous scene with curly wigs, angel wigs and halos. Buckwheat actor Ross Bagley and Porky player Zachary Mabry also re-enacted their wonderful 'We got a dollar hey, hey, hey song'.

So for all those young enough to really appreciate everything good about the 90s, don’t worry - we may have gotten older but, take it from the Little Rascals, we can still be cool.