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Wiley Booed Off Stage At CockRock Festival In Cockermouth


Firstly, note the restraint in the headline. Just note it, then read on. Wiley was booed off stage after he slated CockRock festival on Twitter. The U.K grime star was bemoaning the distance and mocking the name of the festival, which, unsurprisingly, didn’t please the paying punters.

“Just the name makes me not wanna go. My agent knows that there are cool places to play and other places are just not worth the hassle. Do not throw p*** at me cos I will throw it back lol.”

He tweeted. And for a fleeting moment, it appeared as though everything was finally running smoothly. "Jammin at the festival and do not worry everything is ok ...just had a moan about the distance but then drove it anyway for my fans" he added to his Twitter followers.

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Wiley Loses It At Glastonbury: "F**k Them And Their Farm", Rapper Leaves Due To Weather

Wiley Rolling Stones

Seems like someone's having a bad day: rapper Wiley's spit his dummy and begged to be taken off the line-up for the most prestigious festival in the world, Glastonbury. He tweeted organiser Emily Eavis with "please can u take me off the line up I beg ya ." and then the festival with: "tell Michael eavis I dont wanna play please maybe he has the power to throw me off the line up ."

Wiley: Is He Ranting Or Singing?

Seems like the weather is what's sticking in the 'Heatwave' rapper's craw: "Soon as I land ...Rain ffs, " and "Festivals in nice hot places are sick not festivals p*ssing it down with rain ever year," adding "...f*ck a rainy festival on the West Country tbh.." As a stage performer, Wiley wouldn't even have had to sing in the rain (which is a glorious feeling, apparently) and could be ferried around in a little jeep if he wanted. Regardless of the scores of performers who would give their right arm to be invited to play at Glastonbury, 34 year-old Wiley showed he just wasn't going to 'Roll Deep' in the mud and get stuck in with the revellers. Refusing to man up and don an all-weather waterproof/fleece combo he sent out a long tirade of tweets, most of which have now been deleted.

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Wiley Walks Out On His Label: Says He 'Don't Need' Warner Bros Anymore


Grime MC Wiley has walked out on his label Warner Brothers in an explosive rant on Twitter during which he claimed that he 'don't need' the label any more. In his now deleted Tweet, the MC said "Enough is enough," and "I don't need em anymore," as he feels that his musical preferences are being ignored by the label who are making him churn out radio-friendly tunes rather than his more preferred, challenging style.

Wiley has decided to leave behind his big money label Warner Bros to get back to basics

Wiley released his first album for the label, The Ascent (his ninth overall), on April 1 this year, having already spawned the singles 'Heatwave,' 'Can You Hear Me? (Ayayaya)' and 'Reload,' all of which reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart ('Heatwave' reached Number One), yet despite his chart success Wiley is still unsatisfied with his recent output. All of the Tweets he uploaded condemning his latest release and his (now former) record label have since been deleted and his only subsequent Tweet to come after his outburst relating to the album is purely positive and described by the rapper as 'MY BEST ALBUM TO DATE,' so who knows where his head is at the moment.

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Deposit Scheme For Reading And Leeds 2013, Featuring Alt-J, Deftones And Boy Better Know

Leeds & Reading Festival Alt-J Deftones Wiley Sub Focus

It may still only be November but tomorrow (November 30, 2012), early bird tickets will go on sale for next year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals, with Mercury Music Prize winners Alt-J unsurprisingly featuring on the list. The festivals take place on the August bank holiday weekend and the festival organisers are following in the footsteps of Glastonbury Festival by introducing a £50 deposit scheme, to help spread out the cost of the ticket price, which could be a little too steep, especially this close to Christmas.

Other acts to be announced in the line-up are Sub Focus, Deftones and Wiley’s grime gang, Boy Better Know. The line-up will be moving away from its rock traditions, as the tastes of the festival’s audience begins to diversify. Organiser Melvin Benn told the press earlier this year “There will quite a bit more dance music, quite a bit more other bits and pieces” and also announced that there will also be three new stages introduced at the festival, too.

Tickets for the two festivals which run the same line-ups, on separate days, will go on sale at 9am tomorrow morning . The deposit scheme ensures that fans can secure their ticket for the festival, as long as they pay the balance before March 31, 2013. For a limited period (until December 31, 2012, tickets will be on sale at 2012 prices.

Pictures: Rita Ora Wardrobe Malfunctions And Huge Surprise Guests At Red Bull Culture Clash

Rita Ora Major Lazer Annie Mac Magnetic Man Usher Wiley P Money Example Tim Westwood

Boy Better Know Red Bull

Boy Better Know arrive at the Red Bull Culture Clash in London ... but did they win?

There was an urban music clash for the ages going on down in London last night (November 7) as four troupes of some of the biggest names in UK dub-step, grime, garage and bass music appeared on four seperate stages set up within the confines of Wembley Arena, in a battle to determine who would cause the loudest reaction from the crowd and thus walk of champions of the night. Decibel meters measured the crowd's response to each stage, and each group pulled out all the stops to make sure they got the big W. So who were the teams? 

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Wiley, Evolve Or Be Extinct Album Review

Given that this is Wiley's third outing in in the last 12 months - that's if you count the download only EP-ish Chill Out Zone of course - it seems easy to draw the fairly obvious conclusion that Richard Cowie remains one of the most restless men in UK hip-hop. Operating without the support of the major labels, getting that amount of product to market is without question a major achievement, but the more appropriate question here is by extension whether that level of activity has affected Evolve or Be Extinct's quality control.

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Wiley, 100% Publishing Album Review

Wiley has nothing to say, but he fails to say things so charmingly and confidently that it's hard to care. The topics he addresses on 100% Publishing are relentless banal. Wiley wants to make money. Wiley wants to sell records overseas. Wiley has noticed that the internet is quite useful. Wiley's choice of newspaper is unaffected by any scruples regarding the behaviour of senior News Corporation employees ('Reading The Sun newspaper/25p, I'm a saver'). Wiley works hard. Wiley isn't too bothered either way about what you say on Twitter. Wiley just woke up ('Have I got sleep in my eye? Maybe'). Wiley lost some headphones, but then he found them again. When you put out as much music as the English rapper does, it must be difficult to think up interesting tales with which to regale the listener. His solution to this is not to bother thinking about the subject-matter of his lyrics at all. The results are weirdly, disconcertingly, compellingly boring: it's almost banality-as-artistic-statement. It's easy to think of other lyricists who don't say much of interest, but far harder to think of anybody who consistently and unflinchingly chats about such boring subjects. Who precisely, cares whether Wiley lost his headphones, but then found them again? I'm sure we're all very glad that they turned up, but y'know. Gil Scott-Heron died recently.

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Wiley - She Likes To

She Likes To video from Wiley

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Wiley, See Clear Now Album Review

Review of Wiley's album 'See Clear Now'.

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Wiley, No Qualms Single Review

No Qualms
Single Review

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