Wiley and Stormzy have ended their feud.

The 41-year-old grime star and the 26-year-old rapper were embroiled in a high-profile feud earlier this year, which Wiley blames on Ed Sheeran, but he insists they are both ''over it now''.

Wiley told The Guardian newspaper: ''We're over it now. I've spoken to Stormzy, I've got love for him. I just wish he hadn't jumped in the way to defend Ed; that's the only reason it happened. Ed Sheeran, England's golden boy - he can use you, but you're not allowed to use him.''

The pair clashed over Wiley claiming that Ed - who collaborated with Stormzy on the 2019 single 'Take Me Back To London' - was trying to co-opt grime.

Wiley worked with Ed on his 2011 EP 'No 5 Collaborations Project' but felt that he had not done enough to support the grime scene since.

Speaking about Ed's collaboration with Stormzy, Wiley said: ''When he tried to put out that grime remix, I was like: nah, man, this is not sitting well with me. Because we're not allowed to use you: you haven't given a sh*t about us, since the time you started, until Stormzy came along. I don't like the way that grime gets used.''

He also hit out at music industry executives, saying: ''I am part of a genre that they've been nicking artists from for years, making millions and then throwing them away. If you're a businessman, at what point do you even care what you're selling? Humans have managed to sell water back to humans! Humans are nang.''