Wiley has surprised fans by releasing a new album, just days after his ''final'' record.

The 41-year-old grime MC has dropped his second album in a month, 'Boasty Gang', after he released 'The Godfather 3' earlier this month. He wrote on Twitter: ''OUT NOW BOASTY GANG ALBUM (sic)''

Wiley's new release, which he tweeted a stream link to, features 19 tracks, and he described the record as ''Windrush music'', which comes after the UK's Windrush Day on Monday (22.06.20).

It marks the legacy of the Windrush Generation, the Caribbean community who came to the UK from 1948 to help rebuild the nation after World War II.

Earlier this month, Wiley - who was due to drop his record 'Full Circle' last year, but the album collapsed - admitted he didn't want to ''try to fit in with kids'' any longer.

He said: ''When they blocked 'Full Circle', I made it my goal to make sure the grime scene wheels are spinning before I leave. I need those wheels to be spinning.''

However, he also doesn't want grime to ''die on the way out''.

He added: ''I'm 41. I don't want to try and fit in with kids. I just need to not let my genre die on the way out.''

Wiley's latest release comes after he dropped top tune 'Boasty' in January 2019, and the song featured the likes of Idris Elba, Stefflon Don, and Sean Paul.

The star released his debut album 'Treddin' on Thin Ice' in 2004, and 'The Godfather 3' was his 13th album.