Wiley is ''so happy'' grime music has become popular.

The 'Can You Hear Me?' hitmaker is pleased to see the likes of Stormzy and Skepta at the top of the charts and is looking forward to watching their success going into the future.

He said: ''Bro, I'm so happy grime's come back round. Those guys are doing things we never did. Stormzy is having meetings with the people from The Brits. None of us ever did anything like that back in the day ...

''It will be hard for me to stop making music. But it won't be hard for me to sit at home and watch [Streatham MC] Santan Dave and all these sick kids take grime to where I couldn't take it.''

However, the 37-year-old rapper feels the music industry has completely changed as ''no one pays for anything no more'' because of the internet.

He added: ''Music industry: what industry? The internet means no one pays for nothing no more.

''The whole thing is extinct. That's part of why I'm getting out. I've gotta get out before the day Adele drops an album and it only sells one copy.''

And Wiley also admitted his new album 'Godfather' could be his last as he ''can't be jumping about like a 20-year-old anymore''.

He told NME magazine: ''I'm not trying to force any kids to listen to me. They have their own heroes. I'm just making music. In fact, the real reason this is called 'Godfather', is because it's probably the last Wiley album.

''I'm nearly 40. I can't be jumping about like a 20-year-old anymore. The Rolling Stones are different. They sing; melody is the key in what they do. What we do is like punk rock - we're shouting. You can't shout for 20 years. You'll go mad in the head.''