Wiley ''respects'' Glastonbury but wants to help ''other festivals rise up.''

The 'Heatwave' rapper and producer pulled out of his set at the iconic British festival - held on June 28-30 - at the last minute, writing ''f**k a rainy festival on the West Country tbh'' as part of a twitter tirade, and now he has clarified his comments.

Speaking to festival GlobalGathering's radio show, he said: ''I've told Glastonbury I respect the man [festival organiser Michael Eavis], I respect the amount of money they earn, I respect they give it to charity ... but my point is that Glastonbury is meant to be the biggest festival in the world and charge £220 a ticket - and there's loads of elements in that place about just making lots of money instead of being the best festival in the world.

''I just wanted the world to know that - I don't want to upset Glastonbury. I want them to win - I'm saying they're not the only festival on the earth. That is just the point I was trying to make ... I'm getting a bit older, maybe it's someone else's day.''

Wiley also said he doesn't want to get into an argument with the festival organisers despite his no show.

He added: ''I turned round to Glastonbury and said no. Not that we should be playing tit for tat... but the fact I can get to a place where I can say 'You know what I'm not going to do Glastonbury, I'm going to help the other festivals rise up.'

''Once you play the game for a certain amount of time you're in the loop and you can't be ignorant and arrogant cause they'll kick you out of the loop.''

In his original series of Twitter posts, Wile wrote: ''Can't believe I am here and I should be with 6 competition winners watching @OfficialChip at Kandi beach and then a boat party...but I'm ere

''Everybody is getting sacked

''F**k it life goes on but I am p****d. Glastonbury ain't paying me enough to leave my comfort zone ... tight b******s (sic).''

One festival appearance Wiley won't be walking out on at short notice is GlobalGathering, which takes place 26th and 27th July ii Stratford-Upon-Avon, England's Midlands. For more information visit globalgathering.com