Wiley wants to work with Dizzee Rascal again.

'Bonkers' rapper Dizzee - who appeared at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Friday (27.07.12) - has a long-running feud with the grime producer, but his former friend wants them to put their differences aside for the sake of music.

Wiley - who once appeared alongside Dizzee in Roll Deep Crew - told The Guardian newspaper: ''He'll say we're cool, but then another day I'll wanna go to the Hackney Weekend but I can't because he's there and he refuses to be where I am.

''I've been wanting to work with him, but how long can I hold out for, bro? I've been breaking my neck trying to make it happen for years.

''If he wants to moan, I'm 30 years old, bro, I do not care any more.

''These people are their own men, and they can do what they're doing. I'm always going to wonder why we can't just let bygones be bygones. But now I just want to sell records.''

The 33-year-old thinks he could have enjoyed a more successful music career if his temper hadn't got in the way when he was younger.

He added: ''I could have been as big as Tinie Tempah. Anyone from my scene can play [venue] The O2 if they make the right music and the right choices.

''But the minute your attitude of mine gets in the way, it could be the split-second you don't get anywhere.''