Rhythm and Blues legend Wilko Johnson gave a five minute acceptance speech while receiving an icon award at the 'Q Awards' and took the time to reveal he was cancer free. In 2012, Johnson was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. The star rejected chemotherapy and was ultimately given '10 months to live'. He proceeded to live longer than the prediction, and soon went ahead with a radical surgery which removed the 3kg tumour and left Johnson cancer free. "If there's a moral to this story, it's that you never know what's going to happen" he stated. 

Wilko Johnson at the Xperia Access Q Awards
Johnson had a 3kg tumour removed and is fine now

Wilko Johnson explained coming to terms with the cancer, saying: "I decided that was the way to deal with it - not to curse it or fight it or anything like that. Just try and enjoy the time left, which I'd done." He continued to explain the surgery: "When they first said they could operate, I was thinking, 'What are they saying? They may be offering me two or three more months life?' But no they weren't, they were saying they could get rid of the tumour, and that's what they did. And it's gone. And I don't have cancer."

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In March 2013, Johnson performed his 'final' show as a televised performance for 'Madness Live: Goodbye Television' with the band Madness. This came after the news that Johnson had been diagnosed, but was followed up with a sudden, unannounced performance in July. In August, 2013, Johnson was invited to play onstage with the Blockheads for another 'final' performance. Johnson is also known for his appearance in 'Game of Thrones' in the role of Ilyn Payne, a silent executioner. Now, cancer free, Johnson has signed up with record label Creation Management, so it really seems likely that Johnson is far from done with world. 

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