A cult musician dying never fails to be a tragic event, but Dr Feelgood's Wilko Johnson, who was diagnosed with cancer late last year is putting the absolute best use to the last few months of his life. He has planned a tour for fans that want to see him live one last time, and speaking to Reuters, he has spoken of how he has never felt so alive. 

A cancer diagnosis has given Wilko a new lease of life: ''I suddenly found myself in a position where nothing matters anymore,'' he said. ''I'm a miserable so-and-so normally. I'd be worrying about the taxman or all the things that we worry about that get in the way of the real things. And suddenly it doesn't matter. All of that doesn't matter. You walk down the street and you feel intensely alive. You're 'Oh, look at that leaf!' You're looking around and you think, 'I'm alive. Ain't it amazing?' ''

If only more of us had that mind-set, the world would certainly be a more pleasant place to be! Not only is Wilko taking to numerous stages for fans, but he's also ploughing some energy into a new album, potentially. "It's going to be rough and ready, because we've got about three or four days and we're just going to go in and to bash it down. We're not going to twiddle with anything.''