Online ticket re-sellers and touts waiting outside the venue have been cashing in on Wilko Johnson’s final concerts in London. The Dr Feelgood star recently revealed that he has been given just months to live, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Fans of the iconic star have obviously been snapping up the tickets to his final London shows at Camden venue Koko but many were unable to get tickets at face value and are instead being forced to cough up anywhere up to five times the face value of the tickets.

Wilko Johnson

Touts and online retailers have been selling Wilko Johnson tickets for up to five times face value

The Evening Standard reports that tickets to Johnson’s shows were originally priced at £20 but fans have been reporting that internet sites have been flogging them for up to £200 (eBay / Viagogo) and outside the venue, one fan, Alun Lewis paid twice the ticket price, after haggling a tout down from £80. Lewis had tried to buy a ticket from the venue, though they sold out in hours. Clearly, many of those original tickets had made their way into the hands of people wishing to sell the tickets on at a profit.

Wilko Johnson
Wilko Johnson is playing a farewell tour after being given just months to live

Many fans were incensed at the insensitive behaviour of those selling tickets for profit. 55 year-old Rick Startin told the Standard “It’s disgusting to make money out of something like this. Some people have no respect.” 65 year old Johnson is playing a farewell tour at some of the venues that he has most enjoyed performing at throughout his career. His agent, Nigel Kerr, said “his is particularly upsetting as these are Wilko’s last shows. “I hope people don’t buy these overpriced tickets as it just fuels people’s greed but until the Government makes it illegal to re-sell tickets this is going to go on and on.”