It’s the nearly moment all Anchorman fans have been waiting for, as the most quoted film of all time doubles its stock with a sequel, out tomorrow (Wed 18). But before the lexicon of hundreds-of-thousands of Ron Burgundy wannabes changes irrevocably, we have some choice clips for your delectation.

Anchorman 2These four have entered many a 14 year old boy; entered their minds

It looks as though fans of the franchise aren’t going to be disappointed, if the reviews are anything to go by. The sequel has amassed an impressive 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, and while most of the critics seem to give Anchorman 2 a pass because of its predecessor, people won’t be leaving the cinema disappointed.

Scott Foundas of Variety calls it “A modestly less quotable but generously funny new adventure for scotch-and-mahogany-loving 1970s newsman Ron Burgundy, here catapulted into 1980 and the dawn of the 24-hour news cycle.” “With those eyes that are a little too close together, and that confident swagger that looks as if it could disintegrate into a pratfall at any time, Ferrell makes a grand ringleader for all this nonsense,” says Stephanie Zacharek of Village Voice.

And the Anchorman action doesn't stop there, as this delightfully crafted Ron Burgandy doll, which was held by all the stars at the film's premiere, is sold on eBay in aid of Alopecia charity, Alopecia UK.

Now for those clips we promised you…

In this clip, a dishevelled Burgundy laughs in the face of a 24-hour news concept while quaffing hot coffee. He dismisses it as bullhocky. This, until the familiar siren of money sings away and tempts Ron back to his true calling: having salon-quality hair and read the news. Ladies and gentlemen, we all know what happens next; well, we basically do.

In this clip, Brick starts to give a heart-warming tribute… to himself… at his own funeral. Classic Brick. Before he rudely interrupts his own service, we learn that Brick didn’t cash one of his paycheques from the station. Then he rudely interrupts his own service, causing his news anchor buddies to have to explain to him that he isn’t dead. “You are Brick, touch yourself,” advises Burgundy.

In this clip, new ideas are being bandied around the table like wildfire. We’ve already seen the news team deliver the daily update while high on crack cocaine, but why not spice up the news with some porn? No? Okay, well how about making world events livelier with some healthy propaganda: “Why can’t we just tell them want that want to hear?” asks Ron. “That we live in the greatest country God ever created.”

It’s time for the female characters in Anchorman 2 to take the lead: it’s Veronica Corningstone v Linda Jackson in this war of words, which does more for Ron Burgundy than either of the participants. Applegate opens up with a BB gun threat, before threatening that “this white thunder rolls deep and it rolls nasty.” It’s not long before Ron suggests the pair “kiss real quick.” Ah, Ron.

Now you’ve seen four Anchorman 2 clips, you can’t wait to go and see the film. But you have to wait until tomorrow, which is probably really annoying now.