Anchorman 2: The Lengend Continues has been lighting up cinema screens since Wednesday (18 December) this week and looks set to continue its impressive run into next week and emerge as the top grossing film of the weekend. Having opened strongly mid-week, the reunited Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner have maintained their steady rise to the top.

Anchorman 2
All the gang, plus a secretary and some other guy, are back for the new Anchorman

In just five days since it was released, the film is estimated to have made $61.3 million already (via Box Office Mojo), with a massive $40.1 million coming in over the weekend period alone. Clearly people have recognised that Anchorman 2 is kind of a big deal, and they responded as expected.

Critics are being (mostly) positive in their reviews

The outlook looks good for Ron Burgundy and his fellow suit-wearing stallions, but they could have been better had Paramount not released the film at such a hectic period. Unlike their summer equivalents, blockbusters predicted for an impressive return in cinemas tend to under-perform around this time of year. The film may go on to be an exception to this rule however, with early predictions for it's initial, five day run being around $50 million. Thank Paramount's marketing team if that proves to be the case, with their tireless Ron Burgundy exposure and for selling the film so well to the original's die hard fans.

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