The Anchorman 2 trailer - a new full-length offering - is the talk of the internet and we're gonna go ahead and join the discussion. It seems Adam McKay and Will Ferrell have carved out a nice little angle for the new movie, set in a world where glorified and sexualized round-the-clock news is taking over from traditional, serious forms of journalism.

Anchorman 2 trailerPaul Rudd [L] and Will Ferrell [R] Smoke Crack, Live On Air

In a bid to pull in the ratings, Ron Burgundy and his team of San Diego anchors Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kid are taking things to the extreme. They're smoking crack live on TV to be precise. The sub-plot here is that Ron is fighting his own battle against his wife and rival Veronica, who is rooted in the traditional accepted forms of journalism.  

The latest Anchorman 2 trailer- which gives us the first look at Harrison Ford's cameo - essentially tells us that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues probably isn't going to be terrible. It isn't going to be as good as the original, but McKay, Ferrell and Judd Apatow have relied on the themes and jokes that struck a chord in 2004 - which is fine. 

Paul Rudd Anchorman 2Paul Rudd's Brian Fantana Smoking Crack

In one scene in the new Anchorman 2 trailer, Ron and the team are seen welcoming a new member of staff to the office - a gay man. "You're not black or Asian, what are you?" asks Ron. "Im gay," comes the reply. "Do you sleep in a coffin?" "Are you allowed out in the sun?" and "Are you a vampire?" comes the flurry of questions.

Another highlight scene sees Brick trying to conduct a weather report with a green-screen, despite wearing green trousers. 

There was some concern that the swelling cameo list on Anchorman 2 would take away from the quality of the sequel - Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, John C.Reilly, Jim Carrey, Kanye West, Sacha Baron Cohen, Liam Neeson and Kirsten Dunst filmed one scene in Woodruff Park in Atlanta - though in conversation with Access Atlanta, director McKay explained, "Our goal was to fill it with all the people we love.We just got so many good actors, from big name people to character actors. We knew it was going to be hard work. We knew it was going to be a strain. We were able to pull it off. This is the trickiest movie we've ever done."

Watch the Anchorman 2 trailer:

Anchorman 2 is set in San Diego and New York City, though McKay and Ferrell shot the movie in Atlanta to take advantage of Georgia's filming-industry tax incentives.

"The tax credit's huge," McKay said. "We really had to maximize our spend. We basically shot a $100 million movie for half the price. It easily could have been 65 or 70. We were like, let's push ourselves. There weren't a lot of leisurely days. Most days were just like, go go go."

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is set to cinemas just in time for Christmas, premiering worldwide on December 20, 2013. 

Harrison Ford Anchorman 2Harrison Ford Makes A Cameo in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Christina Applegate Anchorman 2
Christina Applegate Returns For Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 cast
The News Team Dipping Into Brian's Famous Cupboard

The news team meet the new guy at GNN
The news team meet the new guy at GNN

Anchorman 2 poster
The Anchorman 2 Poster