By making a film with so many quotable lines, the public couldn’t resist but repeat them to each other on a daily basis; the Anchorman team basically guaranteed themselves a sequel, even if they didn’t quite know it at the time.

Anchorman 2The cult hit returns for a sequel

“We’ve never made a sequel to any of the films we’ve done because we’ve been anti-sequel. Why not explore a new idea instead of revising something that you’ve already made?” the film’s star, Will Ferrell, told Screen Rant.

"But as the years ticked by and Ron Burgundy’s catchphrases kept current in pop culture, the two comedians slowly began to reconsider. I think we just started saying casually, ‘Well, if there’s one we’re going to make a sequel to, it’s Anchorman—but we’re still never going to make a sequel,” he continued.

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So all of you fans blurting out “stay classy”, singing “Afternoon Delight” or kicking off some fight talk with “Where did you get your clothes, the toilet store?” – you’re the ones responsible for this sequel, which comes out on December 20th in the U.S.

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