As this is written, Will Ferrell and co. are probably getting ready to terrorise another part of North America with their brand of dysfunctional comedy, as the Anchorman 2 publicity train keeps on rolling. In the build up to the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, we've heard of and seen some funny stuff, so much so we decided to make a list of our favourite bits!

Anchorman 2
Burgundy and his moustache have been working hard ahead of the film's release

His two most recent stunts are some of his best, which gives us the feeling that the bumbling Ron Burgundy will be 'reporting' up and down North America, and possibly even further afield, right up until the new Anchorman in released later this month. After enjoying "Winnipeg, the Paris of Canada" this weekend, Ron could very well be showing up somewhere unexpected later this week, but considering how good his previous stunts have been, he will have to pull out all the stops to match.

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