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'The Voice' Judge Will.I.Am Blasts Talent Show Rival 'The X-Factor'

Will.i.am Simon Cowell

‘The Voice’ judge Will.i.am has hit out at rival talent show ‘The X-Factor’, by criticising the way it treats its contestants. Speaking to the Daily Star, the Black Eye Peas singer said no amount of money could ever persuade him to defect to the rival talent show.

Will.I.AmWill.I.Am has hit out at rival talent show ‘The Voice’.

“I fell in love with ‘The Voice’ because of what it stands for. I couldn’t go on 'X-Factor' because they don’t have the same principles. It’s the total opposite,” he said. “On ‘The Voice’ I’m not judging you with my opinion, I’m judging you with my ears."

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Rita Ora's Wardrobe Choice Sparks Complaints

Rita Ora Tom Jones Will.i.am Ricky Wilson

Rita Ora’s cleavage has triggered a deluge of complaints to the BBC after the pop star appeared on ‘The One Show’.

The 24 year old singer was a guest on the primetime evening programme on Monday (5th January) wearing a plunging white suit that, with nothing underneath, veered a little too much to the risqué side for some people’s tastes. The BBC confirmed that it received 424 complaints from the viewing public, most claiming that Rita’s revealing outfit was not appropriate for family tea-time viewing.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora pictured with fellow 'The Voice' judge Will.i.am, both of whom appeared on Monday's 'The One Show'

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Video - Will.i.am Seen At The Second Annual Fashion Media Awards In New York City - Part 2

The Second Annual Fashion Media Awards hosted by Daily Front Row at Park Hyatt in New York City on September 5th, 2014 saw a variety of celebrities arriving at the ceremony. Amongst these were music mogul Will.i.am, 'Victoria's Secret' model Alessandra Ambrosio, 'Orange Is The New Black' star Laverne Cox and singer/songwriter Miguel.

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Will.i.am Earns Tenth U.K. No.1 Single With 'It's My Birthday'


Will.i.am is dominating the music charts once again.

The US music star has just scored his tenth No.1 U.K. single with the newly released 'It's My Birthday,' which features vocals from 17 year-old US singer Cody Wise.

Just over ten years ago in 2003, Will.i.am earned his first chart topper in the U.K. with the Black Eyed Pea's hit track 'Where Is The Love.'

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Kylie Minogue Quits 'The Voice', Leaving BBC In A Pickle

Kylie Minogue Tom Jones Ricky Wilson Will.i.am

Signing up Kylie Minogue for The Voice was the BBC's way of proving that this singing contest - with its spinning chairs and blind auditions - could pack as much of a punch as The X-Factor, despite losing Danny O'Donoghue and Jessie J following its second season. The Australian was certainly a marquee signing, and alongside Tom Jones and Will.i.am (and the fella from Kaiser Chiefs), the BBC show had a judging line-up that could rival that of its ITV rival.

Jermaine JackmanJermaine Jackman Won 'The Voice'

Now, The Voice executives are on the hunt for another big name  to fill the gap left by Minogue, who has quit the show after just one season to focus on her live touring. 

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Carole King Named MusiCares Person Of The Year, Honored By Fellow Musicians

Carole King Jimmy Kimmel Steven Tyler Leann Rimes Kacey Musgraves Will.i.am Jason Mraz Alicia Keys Lady GaGa

At Friday night’s MusiCares gala, Carole King was most definitely the star of the night – and the year, as she was honored with MusiCares’ Person of the Year award. More than 2000 admirers filled the Los Angeles Convention Center to pay tribute to King. Past MusiCares honorees Bonnie Raitt, Gloria Estefan and David Crosby were also in attendance along with the likes of Yoko Ono, Ciara, Diane Warren, Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, USA Today reports.

Carole King, MusiCares 2014 Person of the Year
King joins the likes of Bonnie Raitt and David Crossby in winning the honor.

The ceremony kicked off with host Jimmy Kimmel paying tribute to King’s five-decade career and the 1971 album that started it all. “That cat from the Tapestry album must be dead, right?” Kimmel quipped in his opening speech. He was followed by renditions of King’s most popular songs, performed by some of the biggest names in music today.

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'The Voice' Ready For A New Era, With The New Season Kicking Off Tonight

Kylie Minogue Ricky Wilson Tom Jones Will.i.am Marvin Humes Emma Griffiths

The Voice is back, and with an almost entirely new line-up too, as the BBC's returning singing contest hopes to come back with a bang and establish itself as a favourite with the British viewing public. Having suffered in the ratings in the last season, BBC bosses are hoping that the shake-up on the show will reinvigorate it's formula and turn the show into the country's top-rated reality contest.

The Voice
The new judging panel [L - R]: Will.i.am, Rick Wilson, Kylie Minogue and Sir Tom Jones

Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson join the judge's panel, taking up the spots vacated by the departing Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue, and previous hosts Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates have been replaced too, with Emma Willis and former JLS star Marvin Humes fronting the show this time around. The question is, will this shake up be enough to see the show surpass The X Factor as the nation's favourite singing contest? And can the show actually produce any stars this time?

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Black, White And Neon Britney Jean Cover Art Meant To Show Off Another Side Of The Pop Princess

Britney Spears Sia William Orbit Will.i.am

This week marks a special event in music – Britney Spears, queen of pop, has unveiled the cover art for her seventh studio album, Britney Jean. It seems that Britney meant for this one to be more personal than any of her previous work, and so the cover is fairly simple – a black and white picture of Brit herself, with the title spelled in blue and pink neon – perhaps a reference to her Vegas connection and upcoming residency?

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Kaiser Chiefs Frontman Ricky Wilson Completes 'The Voice' Judging Panel

Ricky Wilson Kaiser Chiefs Kylie Minogue Will.i.am Tom Jones Jessie J Holly Willoughby JLS Danny O'Donoghue

Ricky Wilson, the frontman of The Kaiser Chiefs, has been chosen to fill the remaining seat on The Voice judging panel for the next season of the BBC talent contest. Wilson has been brought in to replace the departing Danny O'Donoghue of The Script, as he joins one of four new faces joining the show.

Ricky Wilson
Ricky is the final new face to be added to the show.

As the frontman of the three-time BRIT Award winners, Wilson garnered a reputation as one of the most energetic frontmen in popular music and recorded such hits as 'I Predict A Riot,' 'Oh My God' and 'Ruby.' He will join fellow newcomer Kylie Minogue, who has been chosen to replace Jessie J, as well as show stalwarts Sir Tom Jones and Will.i.am. But it isn't just Wilson and Minogue who will be joining the show for the first time, as The Voice will introduce two new hosts following the departure of Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates. JLS singer Marvin Humes and Big Brother presenter Emma Willis have since been hired to present the show when it returns next year.

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Anyone In Here? 'The Voice' Undergoes Overhaul After Judges' & Presenters' Exodus

Kylie Minogue Jessie J Tom Jones Danny O'Donoghue Will.i.am Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates have become the latest names to jump ship from the BBC talent show, The Voice. The presenters join the show's judges Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue who also revealed they wouldn't be signing up for a third series, despite the second season outperforming the first in ratings for its final episode.

Holly Willoughby
Presenter Holly Willoughby Won't Be Returning To The Voice.

The remaining judges Will.i.am and Tom Jones were also reported to have been considering an exit and underwent extensive talks with the show's bosses to negotiate a contract for a third stint. Kylie Minogue and Big Brother presenter Emma Willis have both signed up to be the new female faces on the show, in the wake of Willoughby and Jessie J's departure.

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Britney Spears Makes Us 'Work B*tch' A Day Early, And Has A Special Surprise Lined Up Too

Britney Spears Will.i.am

Britney Spears is back, and what's more is she's back a day earlier than planned, with her hotly anticipated solo single 'Work Bitch' being released a day earlier than scheduled on Sunday, 15 September. Already the song has sparked a flurry of excitement and racked up over a million views in less than a day and who knows, it could be her next number one single too. You can check it out after the jump.

Britney Spears
Britney is back!

'Work Bitch' made it's way online last week when a low quality version was leaked on to the web, so in a bid to ward off any further illegal listens, the singer and her team decided to upload the audio of the track on to her official Vevo page on Sunday. Britney expressed her displeasure at learning that the song had leaked on Sunday morning, and she and her crew eagerly began working on bringing it out a day ahead of schedule, giving the song it's radio debut on various local radio stations, releasing it online and giving it it's iTunes debut at 12.01 a.m. this very morning/last night.

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Not Everyone Is Convinced That Kylie Minogue Will Be A Successful Judge On 'The Voice'

Kylie Minogue Jessie J Tom Jones Will.i.am The Script Gary Barlow Nicole Scherzinger Sharon Osbourne

Kylie Minogue remains one of the biggest names in pop music today, with a back catalogue that most modern day pop starlets could only dream of for their future output. With this in mind, her appointment as a judge on the upcoming season of the BBC's The Voice looks as though it could be the coup of the TV talent shows, however not everyone is convinced that she'll make a convincing judge on the show.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie has been brought in to add some style to the talent show

Her credentials as a pop artist need no justifying, however her credentials as a presence on television will be seriously tested when she begins her new job sitting alongside Tom Jones, Will.i.am and whoever is brought in to replace the departing Danny O'Donoghue. She is my all means a much more popular entertainer compared to Jessie, and probably more so than some of the men that she is joining, but she enters the BBC series as an inexperienced TV presenter and may struggle to assert any kind of personality and endear herself to the audience. Either that, or she'll be a massive success and be loved by all.

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Will Tom Jones Be Next To Quit 'The Voice'?

Tom Jones Will.i.am Jessie J Cheryl Cole Danny O'Donoghue

The Voice judges are dropping like flies! Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue are both said to be leaving to concentrate on other projects after two series as big red chair judges. Will.i.am is rumoured to be considering taking up a better offer as an American Idol judge and now singer Sir Tom Jones is reportedly in talks to negotiate his tenure on the show.

Tom Jones
Could Tom Jones Be The Next Judge To Walk Away From The Voice?

BBC bosses apparently are keen on keeping the Welsh warbler on the show because of the credibility his name brings. A source speaking to The Sun explained that "Tom leaving would be another massive blow for The Voice. His credibility is a huge asset and he would be very hard to replace." Indeed, he won the first series in 2011 with his candidate Leanne Mitchell and is considered to have the breadth of industry experience vital to the show's success.

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American Idol's Next Season Will Be A Blast From The Past, With Jennifer Lopez Back On The Judging Panel

Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Randy Jackson Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj Will.i.am Jennifer Hudson

Turns out Jennifer Lopez’s time on American Idol really has been the show’s most entertaining run to date. It’s no wonder that the show is bringing back the opinionated singer (hopefully with her majestic top knot in tow). According to a report by Deadline, Lopez has just signed a $15 million deal with Fox to return to the next season of Idol, along with longtime judge Keith Urban and of course everyone’s favorite Idol host Randy Jackson.

Jennifer Lopez, Viva Movil Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Jennifer Lopez made for one of Idol's most entertaining seasons to date.

Lopez and Idol have a long and storied history together. The singer came on Fox’s talent competition in 2010, at a low point in her own career. She managed to save the show’s ratings after the departure of the judge everyone loved to hate, Simon Cowell. Now, Fox seems to be hoping for the same kind of turnaround, after the network wasted some extremely high paychecks on Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj last season. All the diva spats in the world couldn’t save American Idol from a ratings nose dive and almost losing the competition to NBC’s brand new shiny contender, The Voice.

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Will.I.Am Or Won't He Return To The Voice?

Will.i.am Jessie J Tom Jones

Will.i.am is still keeping mum about his possible return as a judge on the panel of The Voice. Following announcements from fellow judges Jessie J and Danny O’Donnoghue that they will not be reprising their roles on the show, will.i.am has said… not much, really. Both Jessie J and O’Donnoghue have explained that they chose to focus on personal musical endeavors – with Jessie reportedly leaving to work on an upcoming album, while Danny plans to focus on his band, The Script.

will.i.am, wireless festival
The rapper/producer is fresh off his performance at Wireless Festival this weekend.

Will.i.am, on the other hand, had the following to say to BBC's Newsbeat, while he was hosting a party as guest technology editor for Wired Magazine. When asked whether he would take part in series three of The Voice after giving away his salary for the show to the Prince's Trust, Will replied: "No. What that means is I paid to do The Voice that year. That means the hotels and the travel and the food, I paid to be on TV, because the money I would have earned went to kids in the Prince's Trust to learn science, technology and mathematics. That's what that means.”

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Will.i.am Suing Pharrell Williams Over Use Of "I Am"... Or Is He?

Will.i.am Pharrell Williams

In an Alan Partridge-eqsue event, Will.i.am seemed to be suing his fellow pop star Pharrell for his use of the phrase “I am”. Don’t worry though; you can say things like “I am tired” or “I am angry” to your friends. Will.i.am won’t sue you, we think.

Will.i.amWill.i.am performing with Miley Cyrus on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Will.i.am, a voice coach on the judge after making his name with The Black Eyed Peas, was reported to be taking Williams to court because he “I AM” is a trademark of his, and that Pharrell's logo is “confusingly similar” to his “i.am+” iPhone camera add-on.

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Not So Dope: Will.i.am Denies Suing Fellow Artist Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams Will.i.am

Will.i.am has been forced to deny that he is suing Pharrell Williams over a trademark dispute. Reports had suggested that court documents filed by the Black Eyed Peas star claimed he owned the trademark to 'I AM' and was suing Williams over his brand "I am OTHER" which he deemed to be "confusingly similar."

Will.i.amWill.I.Am Has Trademarked 'I AM'

Earlier, Pharrell - who's tasted success this year with Daft Punk's Get Lucky and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines - said he was "disappointed that Will, a fellow artist, would file a case." However, the UK Voice coach has denied any such lawsuit, tweeting, "I am not suing @Pharrell & I never was." His lawyer Ken Hertz subsequently issued a statement to BBC's Newsbeat which read, "will.i.am is not suing Pharrell Williams. What will.i.am has done is what any trademark owner must do to protect and maintain a trademark. This is a run-of-the-mill trademark dispute that has been going on since late last year."

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Does Will.i.am Want To Sue Pharrell Over 'I AM' Brand?

Will.i.am Pharrell Williams

Wait, what? Really? So singer/producer/spinny-chair-guy on The Voice Will.i.am reckons he has copyright over all uses of the term 'i am' and feels justified taking legal action against anyone who dares use it.It's true apparently; Rolling Stone have got hold of some court documents that detail the former Black Eyed Pea's outrage. Pharrell Williams' brand 'i am OTHER' - described as a "YouTube channel and cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts" - will, according to Will.i.am's document be using his "i am OTHER" brand on clothing and other items in a manner similar to the goods that bear his own "I AM" logo. "The registration of the mark...is likely to dilute the I AM mark and the WILL.I.AM mark."

will i am
Did Will.i.am try to sue Pharrell?

However, 'Get Lucky' Pharrell wasn't backing down that easily; lawyers representing him and his brand filed tried to counter Will.i.am's claim of opposition by denying any copyright infringement. Speaking to Rolling Stone, 40 year-old Pharrell said: "I am disappointed that Will, a fellow artist, would file a case against me. I am someone who likes to talk things out and, in fact, I attempted to do just that on many occasions. I am surprised in how this is being handled and I am confident that Will's trademark claims will ultimately be found to be as meritless and ridiculous as I do."

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£15K For A 3 Week Stay! BBC Pay Sir Tom Jones' Savoy Hotel Bill

Tom Jones Will.i.am Jessie J

Tom Jones is one of the judges of the UK talent show The Voice, alongside Jessie J, Will.i.am and Danny Donoghue. It has been revealed today that the BBC paid £15000 for the singer (who is acting as a vocal coach for contestants) to stay at the London Savoy hotel.

The Final of The Voice is due to air on BBC One at 7.15pm on Saturday 22nd June. This latest controversy will probably cause an upsurge in viewers questioning if Tom Jones' role on the show was really worth his rumoured appearance fee of £500000 and his £15000 hotel bill. Jones, as of Sunday, will have been staying at the Savoy for 21 days. 

The BBC which receives all TV licensing fees has been heavily criticised for using £150000 of this money to pay for Tom Jone's hotel bill. The company makes over £3 billion from TV licensing every year, according to their financial report, as such this bill is comparatively miniscule to their overall income. Surely someone should have asked exactly how this vast sum of money is spent before now?

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Dizzee Rascal: New Album 'The Fifth' Announced

Dizzee Rascal Calvin Harris Robbie Williams Jessie J Will.i.am Tinie Tempah Sean Kingston

Famous for wearing a cardboard shark head in the crazy video for hit track 'Bonkers', Dizzee Rascal shows he's fond of the aquatic theme, analogising his journey on Radio 1: "If my last record was dipping my foot into the swimming pool of happiness, this one is fully going for a swim - backstroke, butterfly, in every way. not just doggie-paddle."

On its 1st July release, new record The Fifth will be available in two formats: a 12-track 'standard' edition and a 16-track 'deluxe' edition that will showcase a few extra exclusive tracks.

After their collaborating together on hit, 'Wild', Dizzee will be teaming up once more with singer Jessie J on The Fifth track, 'We Don't Play Around.'

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Prince Harry USA Trip Starts On A High As The Royal Attends Parties And Steals Hearts In Manhattan

Prince Harry Will.i.am Sean Lennon

Prince Harry took Manhattan by storm last night, when he attended a dinner hosted by American Friends of The Royal Foundation. Also in attendance were music producer and Black Eyed Peas headliner Will.i.am., as well as Sean Lennon and Bright Lights Big City author John McInerney and his socialite and philanthropist wife Anne Hearst-Mcinerney, sister of Patti, and the daughter of publishing tycoon Randolph J Hearst.

Yes, it was an evening, practically packed with socialites, but Harry caught the eye of one, renowned for her beauty – Miss USA herself, Nana Meriweather. On the night of her attendance of the glitzy fundraiser at the Four Seasons, Miss Meriweather joked about the British royal whisking her away. Or was she joking? “Wouldn’t that make a great story? We should totally get married,” the beauty queen chuckled. “And he’s tall, I hear, so maybe we’ll get married.” All jokes aside though, the two royal and the beauty queen probably would make a good couple, or at least a height-appropriate one, with Meriweather towering at the impressive height of 6ft1in, just an inch shorter than Harry. Unfortunately for her, if celebrity couples are anything to go by, it definitely takes more than an appropriate height difference to make things work. But hey, it really would make a cute story, if a really improbable one.

Prince Harry. New Jersey
Harry touring the Jersey Shore on an earlier visit to the US.

Will.i.am Added To Wireless Festival Finale

Will.i.am Jay Z Justin Timberlake

Will.i.am has been confirmed as a special guest for this summer’s Legends Of The Summer Wireless Festival finale, NME have reported. The smooth-talking musician will be joining Jay Z and Justin Timberlake at the event, which takes place between July 12 – July 14 at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. The Black Eyed Peas singer and judge of TV talent show The Voice will be appearing on the final day of the festivities.

Both Justin and Jay Z will headline individual dates, prior to the joint headline show, after collaborating on Justin Timberlake’s career return ‘Suit & Tie’ earlier in the year. Also added to the festival’s line-up will be Sub Focus (Live), Zane Lowe (DJ Set), Bluey Robinson, Drop City Yacht Club, Devlin, Taboo and Misha B. The Yahoo! Stage also features Fazer, Mikky Ekko, Taboo and A*M*E. On the final day of the show, featuring on the bill alongside Justin, Jay Z and Will.i.am will be A Tribe Called Quest, NAS, A$AP Rocky, Jessie Ware, Katy B, Magnetic Man, Rizzle Kicks, 2 Chainz and Porter Robinson.

Justin Timberlake has already been announced to headline the festival on the Friday (July 12) with Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, John Legend, Miguel, Frank Ocean, Ke$ha, Wretch 32, Conor Maynard and Iggy Azalea. Meanwhile, Jay Z tops the bill on the Saturday, with Emeli Sandé, Rita Ora, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, DJ Fresh and Calvin Harris. Tickets for the event are already on sale, at £75 plus booking fee. 

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This Time Will.i.am Got 'Accidentally' Involved In A Copyright Debacle


After rapper, producer and Black Eyed Pea Will.i.am was accused of plagiarising his song “Let’s Go” off of DJ Arty and Matt Zo, he came clean this week and admitted to infringing copyright. In his defense… he really liked the track.

In an interview with KISS FM, will.i.am. said that it was all a big mistake. He had originally recorded his own version of Rebound for use in the new song. “But in a year’s time, time’s gone by [and] we preferred writing over and using the [original] Rebound,” he said. “Something happened and the clearance… hopefully we resolved the issue.” Well that’s unfortunate.

“LOL what?” exclaimed Arty on Twitter last week when he saw the track on YouTube. “They never cleared rights through Anjunabeats, who’s only one label, who ownes [sic] the rights for ‘Rebound’.”

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#thatPOWER By Will.I.Am - Holograms, Twitter References And Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Will.i.am

When Will.i.am asked Justin Bieber to appear in his new music video, we didn’t think this was what he had in mind.

See, it’s not really Bieber that’s featured in the video for #thatPOWER (note the twitter reference, in case you had any doubts that will.i.am. is all hip with the times), it’s a Justin Bieber hologram. The video, which was released today, doesn’t have much in the way of a storyline, but it is certainly flashy. And with appearances from the Justin hologram, will.i.am himself, and a bunch of dancers, it should cover all the demographic bases – from teenage girls to… whichever demographic will.i.am. appeals to.

It makes sense that Justin doesn’t appear in the video in the flesh. The man is pretty busy with a world tour after all. However, while he couldn’t make the multi-location shoot, Justin appears in the video frequently enough for Beliebers to be pleased. When he’s not in shot on the other hand, will.i.am and his dancers perform in a variety of settings. One stunning moment is the midpoint of the video, when the group is dancing in a room with a mirrored floor and the song’s lyrics projected in neon colors on the walls – it’s cool to watch and we can’t even imagine how fun it was to shoot.

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Will.i.am Launches Initiative To Help Disaffected Kids Learn Science, Technology, Engineering And Maths


Will.i.am has always been interested in all things astronomical and scientific, but now he’s donated the money to the Prince’s Trust with a view to helping disaffected children – who are at risk of exclusion or under-achieving- to learn at The Science Museum, London.

Will.i.am said: "Inspiring young people through science and technology is a powerful tool and I am proud to see my donation to the Prince's Trust being put into action to help engage disadvantaged youth who would not otherwise have access to technology and science education.” He also explained that he would either continue to donate his fee from the talent show, The Voice, which is avbout to enter its second season, or would stage fundraising concerts. "This is ongoing. I don't want it to be a one-year thing," he said. "These workshops are an amazing way to engage disadvantaged youngsters who don't have this sort of access to technology and science otherwise," added Will.i.am of the initiative, who has himself enrolled on a computer science course so he can keep up with developments in the field. He attributes learning about computers from a young age to his success today, saying it gave him an open mind to make music using the technology.

will.i.am - will.i.am leaves Amika nightclub at 3am after partying with Justin Bieber and The Wanted - London, United Kingdom Will.i.am is commited to science

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Rita Ora, Harry Styles, Will.I.Am And Cara Delevingne Look Rough After Muse BRIT Awards Gig (Photos)

Rita Ora Harry Styles Chloe Delevingne Will.i.am

We've seen plenty of this face from Harry Styles recently - it was his birthday not so long ago, if you recall - but he was far from alone in looking in a worse for wear state as a handful of celebrities were snapped emerging from the Cafe Royal Hotel in London on their way out to a private residence. Indeed whilst Styles clearly had a bleary gaze on him, it's fair to say that Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne were also looking a touch worse for wear as they emerged, before being swept off in a car towards a private residence. Thank goodness Will.i.am was there, looking his usual suave self.

Harry Styles leaves the Cafe Royal Hotel

This is becoming vintage Harry Styles

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After Two Decades, A Top Ten Hit For David Bowie's 'Where Are You Now?'

David Bowie Fleetwood Mac Britney Spears Will.i.am Rolling Stones

After initial confusion over whether or not David Bowie’s new single ‘Where Are You Now?’ was even chart eligible, the Thin White Duke has just scored his first Top Ten hit in nearly two decades. Such was the excitement of the star releasing his single unexpectedly on his 66th birthday, that thousands instantly bought the track online, sending it sailing into the Top Ten, were it ended the week in sixth position, Gigwise.com reports.

Initially, the song was considered ineligible for chart entry, as it had been offered free for anyone that pre-ordered a copy of David Bowie’s forthcoming album The Next Day. Only songs that have been paid for may enter the chart but eventually it was decided that the song would be eligible as long as a breakdown of paid-for and non paid-for tracks were provided to the chart company. Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti recently revealed that Bowie would possibly be performing a one-off concert in order to promote The Next Day but told fans not to expect a full tour. There has been a flurry of excitement amongst ticketholders for this year’s Glastonbury festival, with many speculating that Bowie is likely to perform. Other rumours regarding the festival include Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones performing, too.

The number one spot was claimed by Will.i.am and Britney Spears’ track ‘Scream & Shout.’

Robbie Williams: Jessie J's Career Will Last 18 Months, Tops

Robbie Williams Take That Jessie J Tom Jones Will.i.am The Script

Robbie Williams battled to the No.1 spot with his new album Take The Crown on Sunday (November 11, 2012), though the Take That man had a few choice word for his chart rivals. Speaking on a Dutch television show, the 'Angels' hit-maker fired a barb at chart-topper Jessie J.

Asked about the Do It Like A Dude star, Robbie said, “She’s not gonna last for very long, though, is she? She’s great, Jessie. I give her 18 months,” according to The Sun. It seems he isn’t a fan of her reality show The Voice either. He said, “I don’t watch it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to go on the ‘emotional journey with the contestants’. I’m exhausted with how many times I’m to go on the emotional journey with this person who had a hard luck story and then da, da, da, da, blah, blah…I’m sure I’d be a good judge but no, I’ve got a career.” Ouch. We’re pretty sure the remarks won’t go down too well with Jessie’s fellow judges Tom Jones, Will.i.am and the other bloke from The Script either.

Robbie is actually at No.1 in both the singles and albums chart this week ('Candy' and Take The Crown), a feat he managed in 2001 when his single 'Something Stupid' reached the top-spot at the same time as his covers album Swing When You’re Winning.

Will.I.Am Urges Government To Think Of Long-Term Technological Future

Will.i.am Black Eyed Peas

Will.i.am wants U.S. education officials to help prepare students for a technological future so they can compete in years to come with younger generations who will be brought up fluent on it. The Black Eyed Peas star is a big fan of technology and gadgets, even going so far as returning to school earlier this year to learn more about creating computer programming codes.

Speaking at former U.S. president Bill Clinton's Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) annual meeting on Tuesday (September 25th) - a meeting that brings together global leaders, including business bosses, heads of state and philanthropists - the music industry man enthused about the importance of helping students get to grips with skills that they will need to possess so as to compete in the workplace in the future. He told the crowd, "Twenty years from now, I want to see an eight-year-old when they're 28 compete with an eight-year-old that (sic) going to be 28 twenty years from now from Bangalore, India." Continuing, he said "We really need to think that far... Yes, this presidential election is important, but it's only four years. What's happening twenty years from now? What is a twenty-year plan? I want to know that plan.

Talking further, Will.i.am added "As the world is moving to a world that depends on technology, none of these kids are geared-up to even understand the world in 2030. I want to take the leverage and the power that I have... to bring opportunity and to bring change in inner-cities."

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American musician and producer Will.i.am, one quarter of the globally successful hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas, arrives at LAX Airport and talks to photographers about the wedding between socialite Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt, where the Black Eyed Peas performed, along with Eric Clapton, to around 350 guests. Will.i.am tells the photographers that they will miss socialite Nicky Hilton arriving, to which one photographer calls out, 'I think you're a much more popular guy than Nicky at the moment.'

Will.i.am is also an actor and has been heard in the animated capers 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' and 'Rio'

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