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Justin Bieber Lp Due In November?

Justin Bieber will release his new album in November.The 21-year-old singer hasn't put out a new LP since his 2012 collection 'Believe', but the eagerly-anticipated album is now scheduled to be released on November 13,... Quits The Voice - Report

The Black Eyed Peas star has told TV bosses that he will not be returning for a fifth series when filming begins next month, reports Britain's Star on Sunday newspaper. The show... Reportedly Quits 'The Voice' After Four Series

‘The Voice’ judge Will.i.Am has reportedly left his role on the BBC talent show after four series. The Black Eyed Peas singer has been with the series since its inception in 2012, but according to... Doesn't Like Vacations doesn't understand vacations.The Black Eyed Peas singer found it ''boring'' going on holiday with a group of friends as he couldn't grasp the idea of relaxing by simply doing nothing.He said: ''Friends talked me...

Sir Tom Jones: 'I Knew Rita Ora Would Quit The Voice'

The Delilah singer reveals he feared Ora would quit after she failed to get any of her acts into the final of the British TV show. The I Will Never Let You...'s 'Mad Tech' Fear is worried about ''mad tech'' ruining the music industry.The Black Eyed Peas star has admitted he fears for the future of music because of the ''tsunami'' of new music-related inventions.Speaking at a Cannes Lions...

Sting And Trudie Styler Still 'Like Each Other'

Sting and Trudie Styler are still happily married because they ''actually like each other''.The couple have been married for over 30 years, tying the knot back in August 1992, and they insist there's no secret...

Jason Derulo Announces UK Tour

Jason Derulo will go on tour in the UK next year.The 'Wiggle' hitmaker has announced seven show dates across the British Isles which will kick off in Cardiff on January 24. Concerts will also be...

Jason Derulo Announces UK Tour

Jason Derulo will go on tour in the UK next year.The 'Wiggle' hitmaker has announced seven show dates across the British Isles which will kick off in Cardiff on January 24. Concerts will also be... Brings Recycled Sheets To Luxury Hotel Chain

The rapper launched a green-friendly company called Ekocycle in partnership with the Coca-Cola group in 2012, and he has now secured an innovative new contract with the W Hotels chain, which boasts branches... Makes The Voice Final Despite Battling Illness

The rapper, who is a judge on the British talent show, was determined not to miss the last show even though he is currently on medication for a bronchial infection. The... Has Passion For Waste's purpose is ''rethinking waste''.The Black Eyed Peas singer has created Ekocycle, a range of high-end goods and clothes made from recycled materials and believes the key to environmentally-friendly products are to make them ''aspirational''.He... Has Teamed Up With Gucci has teamed up with Gucci to create a smart watch.The 40-year-old rapper announced his ''special partnership'' with the Italian luxury label at Baselworld, the watch industry's leading trade fair, yesterday (19.03.15).The 'Scream & Shout'... Wants To Become British Citizen wants to become a British citizen.The 'It's My Birthday' hitmaker - who turned 40 last weekend (15.03.15) - was born and bred in Los Angeles but has spent so much time in the UK... Wants To Print His Food is convinced people will print their food in 20 years time.The 'It's My Birthday' hitmaker has become intrigued by 3D printing and believes the technology will change the way all humans live in the... Launches Ekocycle Brand has launched his new brand, EKOCYCLE.The 'Bang Bang' hitmaker has teamed up with The Coca-Cola Company and some of the globe's most desirable brands to create an innovative sustainable lifestyle collection including menswear, womenswear...

Rita Ora 'Finds It Hard To Say No'

Rita Ora doesn't ''say no to people in everyday life''.The 24-year-old pop star is currently appearing as a judge on the BBC reality TV show 'The Voice', and she admits it's especially tough because she...

Fergie Got Sick Of Hearing Black Eyed Peas

Fergie admits she got ''sick'' of hearing Black Eyed Peas.The 39-year-old singer's group reached the height of their popularity in 2009 when their two singles 'Boom Boom Pow' and 'I Gotta Feeling' topped the US...

Rita Ora's Wardrobe Choice Sparks Complaints

Rita Ora’s cleavage has triggered a deluge of complaints to the BBC after the pop star appeared on ‘The One Show’.The 24 year old singer was a guest on the primetime evening programme on Monday... Teases Fergie's 'Awesome' New Album thinks Fergie's new album ''is going to be awesome''.The 39-year-old rapper - who has been promoting his TV show 'The Voice' in the UK - revealed he is heading back to the...

Katy Perry And To Cover Imagine For Unicef

Yoko Ono, Katy Perry, and David Guetta are among the celebrities who have recorded a cover of John Lennon's 'Imagine' to raise funds for UNICEF.The star-studded cover will be accompanied by an interactive video... Wants Road Trip With Prince Andrew would like to go on a road trip with Britain's Prince Andrew. The Black Eyed Peas singer would love for the 54-year-old royal - the third child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip -... Celebrates 10th UK Number One With 'It's My Birthday''s actual birthday may not be until March but the rapper should be partying regardless after having earned his tenth UK number one single with 'It's My Birthday.' A cover of A.R Rahman's 'Urvashi,' the... Earns Tenth U.k. No.1 Single With 'It's My Birthday' is dominating the music charts once again.The US music star has just scored his tenth No.1 U.K. single with the newly released 'It's My Birthday,' which features vocals from 17 year-old US singer Cody...

Black Eyed Peas Looking For New Sound

The Black Eyed Peas insist they won't reform unless they develop a new sound. The 'Where Is The Love?' band - made up of, Fergie, Taboo and - have been taking a break... Black Eyed Peas Need New Sound

The Black Eyed Peas won't reform unless they develop a bold new sound.Group leader believes ''there's no point'' in reuniting with his fellow 'I Gotta Feeling' hitmakers - including Fergie, Taboo and -...

So, What's The Deal With Cheryl Cole And

There was a time when “Promise This” singer Cheryl Cole and Black Eyed Peas rapper/The Voice UK judge were practically joined at the hip. Her first solo venture away from band Girls Aloud was...

Justin Bieber Tells Racist Joke In Video

Justin Bieber is seen telling a racist joke in a controversial video.The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker appears in the clip, which has been posted online by the The Sun on Sunday newspaper, joking with friends and uses... Kicked Out Of First Class Lounge For 'Fake' Membership Card

Black Eyed Peas singer and superstar producer was kicked out of United Airlines First Class lounge after allegedly being told his membership card for fake. The singer hit out at the company on Twitter,... Kicked Out Of First Class Lounge At Airport was left embarrassed after being kicked out of a first class lounge at an airport today (10.05.14). The Black Eyed Peas star posted a series of tweets hitting out at United Airlines after being... Quick Links

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